My Blogolouge - Feb 21, 2005

Finally it is done. What is done? In my old apartment my studio was kind of semi sound proofed, the studio space was smaller than what we have now so it was ok. However, when we moved to our new home, I had to wait for about a year to sound proof and acoustically treat my studio, thanks to the dry wall warranty. However last month, the final inspection was done and minor cracks and nail pops were fixed. We are now on our own the builder officially washed their hands. It was time to complete the pending sound proofing; we spent the whole weekend on this task. The studio is now 100% acoustically treated at a cost of around $600. Hopefully our next releases have better sounding mix.

The weather man in our area had warned evening snow, so I decided to stay indoors and went on a channel surfing spree. First stop was the SunTV, Trevolta was talking “Tholkapiyan” Tamil [similar to Shakespearian English].

I remember in the 80s, the owners of Sun TV picketed in front of Doordarshan Madras against Hindi serials being dubbed in Tamil. Hindi is one common language spoken across the country. They objected it as it hampered Tamil productions and creativity. But today what changed their principles to dub movies from an alien language? Are we running short of Tamil movies? God only knows. I really don’t see the need for Sun TV to irk us with old action English movies in the name of Tamil dubbing.

As I surfed to my agony I found the same movie in English on the FX channel. This was followed by “Commando”, [shown last week on SunTV]. Dubbed versions are more boring than the unreleased movies like “kumbakonam goapalu”. I need a refund.


There was a great gaga even in the weather channel about the Daytona 500 in Florida. yesterday every TV anchor person was smiling wide about this Dayton 500. Yes, it was Daytona 500 “Nascar” racing. I decided to watch the race. Just an alternate to avoid the Dubbing craze SunTV.

After a while I realized that it was watching a bunch of colorful cars going round and round for about 50,000 times. And finally one person is declared to be the winner. To make it more Spicer they have car crashes in between breaks. Seriously tell me how is this Nascar coverage different from our CDOT Traffic cams?, I felt they were similar, we can see crashes at regular intervals with flashing tow trucks, I saw the same stuff yesterday in Nascar, about 9 times, much lesser than Beltway incidents. Basically you can get the same entertainment as in Nascar if you watch the CDOT cams. Drivers encounter much tougher conditions while driving to work using the Capitol Beltway. Dangerous car merges, people cheating and driving through HOV lanes, Rash lane jumping maniacs, single passenger driven mini buses called “SUVs”, very slow moving drivers are few to mention.

Just add commentary to CDOT cams,

Pete: “the green SUV is now passing the undersized Volkswagen Beatle”

Dan: “Pete” that was a great maneuver above the speed limit”,

Pete: yaw! “Dan” “now check the left most, do you see the Buick driving slowly on the HOV”, “it seems to have cramped the entire HOV lane.

Dan: Yes, but I also hear the red Jeep Cherokee honk, this honk was made in Korea, the sound is so distinct produces about 10db more than regular cars.

Pete: Oh! Oh! Hold on, the Cherokee driver is now showing a finger to get way, but Buick driver ignores him totally and maintain the great speed of 45 miles an hour.

Dan: A patient man,

Joe: Guys, Wow the sanity returns from now here as a flashing cop car passes. Look at the Prudent drivers, Look at them!..wow they are so prudent, they quickly use the gap created by the cop car and advance their position.

Pete: true, very true. Let us now go for a break.

Srikanth: Hey Nascar to me is a sophisticated traffic cam coverage. Not my cup of Japanese green Tea.