What is the Deal?

I never get this logic, Difference between pet animals and edible animals? Ok I get one thing on having an adorable pet animal, it is better than having a wife or a husband; because the poor animal never replies or comments about your esteemed opinions and they don’t come with the “IN-Law” baggage.

Many today are obsessed with their pets; this obsession is seen more in the west. I am not complaining here about having pets, I want to know the 10 yard line or the batting crease that divides two zones, tell me this, where is the cut off line which decides the “pet ness” for an animal.

Yesterday NPR [National Public Radio] featured a Fish Doctor . He operated [“surgery”] a Gold fish called “Dragon Boy” who had complications in swimming straight. Thanks to the Vet, today the fish is hale & healthy and will go on to live for its full life span of 15 years. A noble deed by the doctor, he helped the little Golden boy [தங்கமகன்] who will be swimming in a 5x5 fish tank rest of his life or until his father finds him.

My point here is why people seem to have soft corner to gold and other fancy looking fish alone, may be the gold fish uses “fair and lovely” or some other fairness lotion to get the special treatment? Why the Gold fish is not part of the lunch menu? Does it taste or smell bad, duh, in my opinion Fish and smell are something like the letter “Q” and “U”, they cannot be separated.

I remember when I was in Seattle, Circus was in town, but there was also a protest in down town on their visit. This was by a group that claimed circus shows causes pain to animals; their claim was “Animals are being ill treated for human entertainment”. I agree, yes I am sure if you ask a bear about riding a motor cycle in front of crowd, he would whine more than humans. Or elephants standing on 2 legs with their front legs on another elephant’s back. Has anyone checked with the Elephants how and what they feel about putting their legs on fellow elephant's “..ss” ?

However, coming back to the protest, after the protest, lunch was served; a huge line was waiting to get the main course, which included chicken patties and bacon cheese pasta. What did the poor chicken or the cow do to them for not getting their attention, what did the bears, the elephants and the camels do to get their support and special treatment?

I have seen “pet” [not vet] hospitals in discovery animal planet. Most hospitals are well equipped and are like star hotels. There was a psychiatrist ward Yes! People are ready to spend on Dog depressions. Why this A308 1st class treatment for Dogs and Cats alone? What did the poor Goat, Cow or the Pigs do to the humans, why are these animals ruthlessly shown the guillotine?

I wish someone explains me the line? Yes skeptics! Will come after me and tell hey even plants have life why take away, Dude! I am not talking about vegetarianism here, I really don’t care if you eat meat or not, I just talking about consistency in eating habits, a veggie eats any veggie that is not poisonous to him. Take the Chinese; they take anything that moves with some flesh. There is no pretending love for the animals, very consistent. But the western society is very biased and has a clueless inconsistent eating habit. They pretend to be kind of few animals but go after others with an axe. Why?

Meet eaters of west, just think about this when you see a special pet treatment next time. Have a good weekend folks.