Super Bowl Sunday!

The super bowl started off great pomp and glamour, watching this on High definition was at real treat. The sound was in 5.1 Dolby Digital. I wish I could get cricket in HD with 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound.

When you talk about Super Bowl, first things that come to our mind are the commercials. Commercials slots were priced at 2.5 Million for 30 seconds, lot of money to spend in just 30 seconds.

This time, I felt only 3 commercials were different and one of them was really funny. Bud Light Commercial where the pilot jumps from the plane. Other two new ideas I liked were the monkey office and the one from the mortgage company. Other than these three, all other commercials had nothing to talk much about. May be in order to kill time during their show a TV show host may have something to discuss for a whole day and laugh about it.

In my opinion, the best show during the super bowl Sunday was the half time show by Paul McCartney. The Beatle rocked some of the top hits including my favorite “Get Back”, and “Hey Jude”. I grew up listening to the Beatles; frankly I would have a listened at least a zillion times the songs “Get back” and “Hey Jude”. The guitar parts for get back were played with perfection and matched the original tonality and score. Simply Amazing!

Though Sir Paul looked lip syncing for “live and let die”, hey! Singing in front of a 100,000+ in an open stadium, considering his age - this is a task in itself. And we did not have any wardrobe mal-function this time. I think more than the game itself I felt the half time show was out of the world. May be, I am crazy, biased and out raging Beatles fan.

But comedy of all comedies was to call the super bowl winner the world champions. I know everyone talks about this but continues the same trend every year. Again this year winner was called as world champions, halo how?

Following this tradition, though it is late, it is time to award my friends Logu and Karthi the world champs ring, if you wonder who these mortals are?, they are defending “sOnggu” world champs, “sOnggu” is an incredible game played with marbles and bare hands , where the loser is make to boil “porridge”. Logu has won tons of accolades while Karthi is next to him in statistics. Btw: sOnggu is the lower end version of today’s multimillion dollar golf, often played in street corners of Chennai.

Seriously, can we call Ranji trophy winners as world champs and make a fool of ourselves; I wish instead of ridiculing themselves and real world class sports, it is time for the media and NFL to change the title to “NFL champs” rather than world champs. There are 150+ other courtiers who don’t have a clue about this game yet. There is no other country competing in it, other countries playing and living up to the standards is another point of discussion, but the fact is – NFL is a local affair.

NFL is a great game and great show to watch, I have no doubt it; however I cannot take it, when you play among AFC and NFC, call the winner as world champs. Hey! World is much bigger.

Oh Finally, NE Pats won, they are now Lord of the Super Bowl Rings. Experts were busy talking about Dynasty. What ever, in my opinion this time the Super Bowl game was not that great, both teams played as though it was their first game of the season. Eagles especially; still I am unable to comprehend the fact that “Tom Brady” is the greatest quarterback around now. However don’t want to take anything away. A win is Win. Congratulations to the New England Patriots, they are the NFL champs.