Game Day, First Test. Day 2,

India vs Pakisthan, Mohali, March 9th 2005
The Rain gods took over, and it was blessing for me take a nap especially after a tight day both at office and in my studio.

India started to bat with real fluency. We can clearly see why this team is right below Australia in many ratings. The best part was Sehwag, his gamesmanship it does not need my kudos, it is known, when he is batting, India would have a very healthy run rate, yes he blasted his way. At the close of play, Sehwag was not on 95 and Dravid was on 39 India were 184-1 in 40 overs, a run rate of 4.6

Pakistan fielders gave Sehwag 2 lives, for a batsmen like Sehwag I feel the 1st life itself is ridiculous because before the next one comes he would have a triple figure score to his name. But here they gave him 2, and second one was a sitter that displayed the incompetent fielding ability.

The day began; most in the commentary team including our beloved blade Sanjay Manju were busy chatting about the pitch conditions that could help bowlers. But in the first over Gautam Gambeer blasted a four followed by one more from powerful Sehwag, Both of the opening batsmen started playing ruthless strokes and took on every Pakisthan bowler with sheer power and ease. The myth of pitch swinging and helping the bowlers was put to rest. Frankly Inzaman and his team members did not know what was hitting them, basically no one had settled, this includs me and our commentary team.

Sehwag Blasted Naved ul Hassan while Gambeer whacked Sami.. Perfect start for India, Both the batsmen apart from slamming boundaries they were really keen to get quick singles. Like if Inzi moved someone close to save singles Sehwag would blast the ball and banish the fielders to the out field. Then the single gathering would begin, this was well planned batting strategy.

100 runs came very quickly, but the only bowlers who made some progress was Kaneria, he was bowling genuine leg spin, and he turned the ball quite well and mixed it up wrong ones and flippers. Gambeer had a rush of blood wanted to take on this genuine bowler, he perished and was caught in the midoff as he tried to lift Kaneria over the in field. Kaneria was unlucky not to get Sehwag, few close LBWs were also seen, but 60:40 chance. It is hard for me call Sehwag was lucky because apart from these catches the strokes he played were sheer power.

Dravid walks in, he starts to play as though he was batting for last 1000 hours. He was never troubled by the bowlers . He kept the score moving and made sure the ATM at the other end kept pumping money.

Fielding placements were kind of poor, Indians are strong off the pads, Aussies controlled this by placing at least 2 good fielders on the square mid wicket area however Pakistanis never had proper fielding placements, Dravid had a ball, reason his favorite scoring route was kept wide open.

Seeing ball turn so much for Kaneria, I wish Harbajan had played instead of the experience, the so called experience never turns or spins. But hey the experience would come back and back and keep coming back and never gives up - Right!
We need to score in the range of 600.

Dish network had hell a lot of technical difficulties and interruption; they blamed the provider. I really don’t know this, when a country like Greece could organize live pictures without interruption for the Olympics, I feel India can do a better job, having said this, I don’t want blame Indian telecommunication for BCCI’s inability to organize anything properly, having paid 250 bucks hey I need to proper coverage. Who knows BCCI must have sold the up-linking rights to a Banana company that is owned by someone known to them, we are here to pay $250 and take on the heat. I wish this technical difficulties and interruptions are put to rest.