This blog is 1 year old

Today, this blog is 1 year old, March 1st 2004, I booked this site,
However I started to write something only from April 18th 2004.
Just a birth day note, I request you to read My first blog

Last week, I was bitten by the flu bug, had to be at home for more than a week.
During the vacation, Oscar awards were given, I watched the show fully, and Chris rock was totally out of his gears. He went for the usual Bush bashing which I felt was kind of stale, and then he took over some of his fellow actors and told directors to “wait” for the proper actor, does this advice apply to the Oscar committee, and will they “wait” for a better Master of ceremony.

My point is if you get Chris Rock, you should give him the full court advantage, there is no point in restricting him like a tamed pony. I am sure he is much funnier than what we saw last Sunday. Hey, if ABC wants it to be a “G” rated Oscar, they are welcome to get their Mickey or Donald to host the show. However I don’t know if the Dressing up fiasco falls under this category of a family evening.

The E Channel had more than 5 hours of commercial free live coverage from the red carpet. They teed of right from how the carpet was made, which euro designer designed it, using what etc. a good chunk general knowledge was shared in the name of Oscar coverage.

The Red carpet walk, the so called fashion designers are ripping people left and right. I felt most women wore material similar to curtains in many homes. It looked to me that some of them got excess cloth; but being the so called “expensive designer wear”, the designers used all that was given to them; for most the excess cloth followed them like an anaconda.

There were many living and non-living things on TV talking about these cloths. What is a designer wear? Answer: Something that makes you look undressed or semi-nude? I don’t know what the big deal was. I think it was a good plan for rain, though it did not rain much as expected using just one of the so called designer wear, we could build a perfectly made 48x96 “shamiyana” and people could walk right under it without an umbrella.

The awards, Let me keep it short [bashing]. I really don’t know the deal on the movie “million dollar babe”, what is the big deal here? A grumpy old boxing teacher breaks the ice by tutoring a determined girl, just change the boxing teacher to Dance teacher; hey we might get “punnagai mannan” or may be Sripriya learning Karate in Billa. Come on! “Srikanth” Shut up, you don’t have taste for Oscar rated movies, and this movie is about Maggie’s Determination, Oh Yes! It was Revathy’s same determination that changes the mind of the grumpy teacher. What is the big drama about? I need to check with my neighbors Dog, I hope he had got the plot, I am sure he would have, they call him Oscar.