Mayavee, Tamil Music Album Review.

Finally, a bold step to review Tamil music albums. I know some of my comments might turn the tide on me and my songs, I am always worried about eating my own words, but “Hey enough” you can worry about it when you “really” do an album.

Mayavee, staring Suriya and Jyothika Music by “Devi Sri Prasad”, yes the same guy who made chick “chick shak shak dum | chick chick shak shak dum” background music with his throat on Sun Tv saptha swarangal.

I thought this guy was over reacting in the name of modern music. However, forgetting the past, I gave an “open heart” look on this album. Result - Yes this guy seems to know what he is doing. He does have scope for serious growth. First and fore most, he seems to have minimal inference or influence of music directors from the past.

Seetu katu Rani, Sung by Tippu and Sudha. Tippu does justice to the song, really a foot tapping start to the song. The first change to anupallavi is also quite nice. Lyrics - verbatim Jothika appreciation. I am sure this song will top the chart on Sun TV and KTV. Thanks to Devi Prasad for not choosing Udit , most music directors would be tempted.

Second song sung by SPB. Charan and Kalapana, starts similar to “pungatru un” [A.R.Rahman].Sounds like a Cliché love failure number.The female voice breaks in the middle coughing and male takes over. So you know the song situation now, Heroine might be a terminally ill. As usual I felt more there was more room for chords and counterpoints, hey it is director’s call, and this is not my kind of song.

“Tamil natil ellorkum ethirkalam nalla irukum”, thirunelvelliAlwa fame Sriram sings this duet. This guy has an awesome power in this voice. The power doubles when Mamadha Raajathee joins Yes, Malathi joins the duet. She is “female vocals power house” matching Sriram in every aspect. Apart from the vocals, the Drums and Indian beats are programmed quite well. Other instruments backgrounds are kept to very minimum hey who care, there is going to be a colorful group dance, if you search for counter points , bass and guitar licks in such songs, hey consult a doctor, you might have the ”Simon Syndrome”. This song is also a candidate for KTV and Sun TV shows.

Mayavee, yes the movie title, the opening “pitch free” vocals turns you off, but wait, the pallavi for this song it totally out of world. I wish he could have arranged it with greater care. All this is killed again and again by pitch free Arabic sounding hook vocals. Who ever sang this, forget singing may be, try for a job in BCC [Bird calling club]. Birds: Srikanth, we might sue you for this suggestion.

Definitely beats needs better programming, as I was thinking about the beats, right at the start of the 1st Saranam, the Boys fame “egirikuthithen” loop shows up. Raham & Co have used this loop so much it is very hard for me hear further. Same loop come in Sandakozi sandakozi from AyuthEzuthu and many more Rahman movies.
Drum programmers in Kollywood –for heaven sake – Get rid of the Roots of India sample CD. Enough! We are bored. Also what’s the deal on boring Mayavee Mayavee Mayavee hook? Singers: Ranjith, Devi Prasad and Chitra. Very Good and solid melody lines, good lead singers but nullified by poorly arranged score with irritating hook vocals.

Last song, the singer was puspavanam kuppuswamy, I use to wonder why the film industry been ignoring this wonderful talent, finally music directors have started to use his unique voice. He brings in the natural fluency in language and nativity to this track.

Finally, will I get the CD? Depends on the combination it comes on. Some songs are destined to be hits, thanks to the new 6/8 syndrome. Bottom line - a very good start for Devi Sri Prasad.

Coming up next might be “RAAM” On first go I felt it was an overrated music album