India Vs Pakisthan, We are all set.

We are all set for the power struggle again, Cricket Madness is on Air. India tees of with its arch rivals Pakistan in about 12 hrs. First Test at Mohali , they have 3 tests and 6 one day internationals.

Dish network will be bringing this live here in the USA, Pay per view, we need to pay for the game, how much? Are you ready for this? They want $249.99 + 1 dollar ordering fee. The 99 cents covers Sanjay Manju’s Boring Bonus.

Is this game of cricket worth that much of money? $250, [rounded off for math comfort] is about Rs. 11,500 [at Rs 46 for a Dollar]. We will be paying about Rs.1300 per match. Even the pavilion tickets in Mohali would be atleast Rs. 200 lesser. I agree that getting it here via satellites is costly. But today we have more number of satellites than crows. Why is this still costly?

My point is why is Dish Network charging so much? What else to say other than an excessive desire to acquire or possess more than its needs, A.K.A “Greed” BCCI’s Greed to make more money and Dish network’s Greed to exploit Desi passion for the crazy game. It is worth or not it is for the individuals to decide for themselves, I really don’t care. In fact I am thinking twice this time about swiping my credit card to get this craze live, that too at the wee hours.

Having said, there is a 95% chance for me to spend this amount tonight. But I am yet to decide because during the live coverage they pump in commercials, I don’t want to pay to watch KKKK - “King King Kabaab king” and totally “Nasal” Met life jingles. Hearing the MET Life “Nasalized” jingle at 12.00 midnight almost wakes the “poltergeist” out of my TV. If they promise to keep the commercials off limits I might consider.

Finally, what will be India’s prospects? Captain Gangully says “watch out for “VVS”, I think it is cue to VVS rather, if he doesn’t play well, he need to watch out for his place. Will Sachin play to his full potential or it will be again Dravid pulling the slow moving cart? Will Gangully score? Will Pakistan create an upset for worlds number two team? Umpire panel includes the controversial and notorious Steve Bucknor and Darrel Hair.

All set for a great clash.