My Bloglogue March 30th 2005

A report in Cricket info website, here is the link . This does not sound Sehwag like speech. He sounds boasting and I see his head to be little heavier than before. May be the press cooked it up and twisted it more than the reality. May be Tomorrow is April First! Who knows it might be a prank. I also hope this is to be a prank. It is perfectly ok for a player like Sehwag to have a heavy bat, but dude, heavy head, No Sehwag please don’t disappoint us.

Many websites have been playing the Gangully hatred song for past week now, many old stale jokes used on Ravi Shastri or Azar is showing up again with a name change.
Any way, Here is a Srikanth original PJ.
Dravid sets out bat,
Every one in the dressing room says’: Best of luck.
Gangully sets out to bat?
Everyone : ? Best of Luck Duck.
Ok GOT IT, I told it was a PJ right. Seriously, Gangully has built this team and he should be given some more time before firing him. Any time you fire a CEO, the entire company can fall apart quickly. BCCI for the first time in history have not fired a captain in a short tenure. They have retained Gangully for long time now, main reason for India team doing well in recent past. What ever! I feel this to be a very normal behavior of cricket fans of India. We have booed Kapil to Gavasker to Ravi Shastri. So no big deal, Team India just needs 2 wins, they will be pushed back on the Pedestal once again.

I happen to visit the Mumbai express website; Tamil part of the website has a song clip, Music: The man! Ilayaraja. Sounds like honey for musical bears!. The title song was interesting to hear however only for 30 seconds, hey! This is Raja! - One single grain of rice cooked certifies pot full of rice as cooked.Don’t click the Hindi Icon, No I am not a Tamil Watchman, The web page has poor navigation design. The web developer forgot to add a close or back link, You will be stuck with the mouse and will not know what to do. Still if you venture on to it, Here is GPS tip, you can use F4 to close or use back space to get back.The bug might force Kamal to learn Flash graphics and asp pretty soon, who knows His fans would say “he knows it already”. Waiting for Mumbai express on platform number 1 Hope it comes on time..

Sad news, Schiavo Dies 13 Days after her Tube was removed. Parents of this lady have gone through a hell of a time; I wish God gives them energy to live a better life in days to come.

Sania Mirza fans! here you go, there is web blog on her name Click here for Dharma Darshan and you are welcome to “BlogDrool” opps Blog Roll her site. Btw: Does anyone know that Indian Cricketing Eves are playing their world cup games?

Finally Blogger is becoming very slow, infact “veriththanama” slow. Iy is testing my patience, It took me 30 train minutes to write this blog, but it took Blogger about a light year and plus to just load the upload page. Google!Ji What is the problem dude? Too many hits from India for Sania's Blog? or Are you setting us up for a paid premium service? Tomorrow “April fool Jayanthi” Good day Guys.