Give me a break..

Yesterday, after the frustrating loss to Pakistan, being a news junkie I was surfing the web to get opinions on this loss. However I happened to stumble on many absurd and blind arguments and views. There are people who cannot take other persons achievement. I happen to read their views which seemed to blindly hate Sachin, they accuse Sachin by saying that he is playing for records. These folks did the same to Sunil Gavasker.

Let us take an example, you are climbing a mountain say 40,000 feet, the record set until then was about 25,000 feet, no human has set feet beyond 25,000 feet. Hence anything you climb above 25,000 regardless of reaching the summit or not, is treated as a record, right. Or let us go and blame the mountaineer and make an absurd statement by saying “he is climbing rest of the way for records?” The altitude which Tendulkar is flying today is very high. His achievements are well above anyone in today’s cricket. Yes it is the truth, get over it.

It took Sachin many years of reach this height after passing tough terrains and conditions. After playing for about 15 years, he cleared lot of mileage, he is now on a higher elevation where anything he does however small it is, seems to be an achievement for a common man. Whenever he goes to bat and scores even 10 runs or less, yes he is bound to pass a land mark because no one has been there yet, calling him selfish and playing for records is the most meaningless statement you could ever make on this great cricketer of India.

There are stick cartoons and animations in the world that blindly comments Sachin never helps India in winning a match. This is the next worthless statement. Scoring 25,000 in International cricket is an achievement and this 25,000 went to the India Team total, and not to a Bank account in the Cayman Islands. Can we say earnings made by Bill Gates till date goes to his personal account only and not to Microsoft’s growth? Bill gates is greedy about accumulating wealth hence he is using Microsoft to fulfill his ambition. Come on!

Please! do not doubt this great player India has ever produced. Please! do not give out cheap statements like playing for records etc, In my opinion after reaching higher elevations in world cricket, Sachin deserves better from his fellow country men.