Misguided Commercials

Today we are in an era where anything and everything can be sold to the public by proper advertisement and commercials. Currently this country is on an extreme spree of prescription medicine commercials. Most of these commercials are totally adult in nature. Even the so called advanced and open society finds it very hard to face some these commercials.

FCC forces the TV channels to display appropriate TV ratings; this appears on the left corner usually when the program starts or resumes after a commercial break. Based on this queue we can choose program appropriate for our kids. The pity is this rating does not apply to the commercials shown. Viagara or similar product advertisements can appear during the so called family oriented programs.

Parents today’s apart from monitoring ratings, they need to make sure that their kids don’t get to watch these extreme advertisements. As if this was not enough I have also seen dish network placing a violent wrestling pay per view advertisement, a double dose. More than the program the commercials have become a night mare.
We see a bozo on the screen, he gives an odd, abnormal look at every man and women in the vicinity, he walks with a 200 feet wide smile around a swimming pool; suddenly he takes of his shorts in a swimming pool in front of many and displays something proudly. Thank god they don’t pan further below. Can’t they think of a less graphical message? A Liberal minded person might think what is the big fuss? Try sitting near a little kid during this commercial and get back to me.

I know people with kids who really get tensed during the commercials breaks. Most parents manage to flip channels right on time during commercials. Some time ago I was visiting a friend of mine, during the commercials he suddenly got agitated, in a soft manner from the kitchen, I heard a faint “t u r n t h e T V v o l u m e d o w n”, but I got it all wrong, I increased the volume instead, in 2 seconds this guy comes boiling at me and says his son just stopped asking about “cialis” “please for heaven sake don’t start another drug idea in him” . It seems few weeks ago he took his son to the doctor with flu and fever, his son not knowing the real meaning of the advertisement, he asked the doctor about “cialis” , Doctor was embarrassed and this kid continued coolly that he want to be like the person in the “smiling and happy look”.

Often in many house holds where there is 7 year to 10 year old kids, they have a special after commercials question hour. Dad what is this cream for? Dad what is pill for? Common cold or Flu;

Let me tell you, People! sooner or later a frustrated dad or mom is going to answer them.

Son this is what you use when you become a grand-p, this will enhance and empower your night life in the bed but watch it Son, after taking this pill this can stay there for a while, if it less than 3hrs , you need no worry, but anything more than 4 hour hey! You need to call your doctor at once, Son also apart from it, you can get brain tumor, brain clot, hyper constipation, dry skin, dry hair, dry head, TB, diabetes and few other minor complications, but the good part is at that age it will keep you really happy son.

Where are we going? What is FCC doing? They were totally angry with Janet when she staged the infamous WMF [wardrobe mal function]. I feel these commercials are more provocative than WMF.

Drug companies must choose other methods to find their “potential impotent customers”.