My Bloglogue March 21 2005

India Wins as Pakistan fails to take the Kumble Attack. The way Gangully and Kumble trapped Afridi was remarkable. The entire commentating team was giving out the game plan while Amir Sohail sprinkled his bighearted opinions on Afridi, he was kind of sure Afridi will not get the ploy. Yes he was correct. Afridi was out. Frankly this time I really believed Kumble will wipe them out on the 5th Days, It is very hard to play Kumble on a 5th day Indian wicket. Everything fell in its place, the first ball stumping by Dinesh Kartik set the momentum for rest of the day.

“Discipline Dravid”, the batting technique of Dravid, I have no words other than to clap for him. The way he decides what to do with the ball is so significant, when asked about it he simply says , “based on the merits of the ball” , “concentration”, “meditation” but frankly all of them are understatements, I would call it as “raw god given talent”, it was so amazing to watch him make perfect decisions for past 5 days. I have not seen any other player do this with this perfection. He is in full flow now and I expect him to whack more runs in his home town.

Dinesh Kartik regains his lost confidence after his 93, other than getting crucial runs for India it boosted his wicket keeping drastically. If his form continues we might see another Kiri. Harbajan seems to have not settled with his action issues and BCCI failed here once again to protect its cricketer.

Steve Bucknor has apologized to Sachin for his poor decision; thank god match was won by India. Bucky seems to have got way again for his mistakes and this is not the first time. I agree this is a game of chance and Sachin was ruled no out in the first test. We need to take it with pinch of Kosher Salt. But when a player is penalized for his mistakes like excessive appealing or slow over rate, I think it is time for ICC to enforce similar rules on the Umpires.

It looks very stupid for the batsmen to walk out or a bowler watch pathetically on a decision when the entire world calls it a baloney. The 3rd umpire should be given the right to recall or like NFL we need the challenge option to get things straight. Wait! I hear, if you make such rule change the spirit of cricket will come into play, but I would go with the change rather than the stupidity of accepting ridiculous errors in the name of pressure. When a person could not see it from 22 yards, he is not fit for the job. Steve Bucknor should be dropped from the umpire panel. Intelligent creatures might ask “what about the right decisions”, hey! He is being paid for his services and he is expected to perform his duties.

I am looking forward for Banglore Test but need to catch some sleep before the game.
Thats all about cricket.

தாங்கலடா சாமி
I was watching the translated Tamil movies on KTV, “an Innocent man”, a well packed English garbage in Tamil, I really don’t know where we are heading, KTV and SUN TV have slipped to a very low level in their movie telecast. For some reason KTV and SUNTV have been showing the same set of movies. There must be something wrong in getting Tamil movies, which might be the reason they switched to Tamil dubbed Z grade English movies. At this rate many people may cancel these channels.