My Bloglogue March 24th 2005

The “Simran” [Sleek] like Play Station portable will be out today. Experts predict in about 2 years from now IPod will have same fate of its mother ship, Apple Mac. Sony has been very reluctant in getting into portable music players, citing copy rights problems. Most of their portable players had their own proprietary encoding which no CD maker cared to support. Finally now they have made a decision to embrace the format which is also a musician’s nightmare, MP3. PSP will be sold for about $250, $100 more than its rivals like Game Boy, Game Cube, Square and rectangles. On the game Boy thing they are yet to introduce a Game Girl, I took me about a week to convince my 5 year old daughter that Game Boy is also for Girls. Marketing guys for Game-Boy please wake up and it is time to get out a “girlie” version of this little monster gaming device. My name suggestions - Game-Dame, Game-Diva and these 2 names are patented to me.

Coming back to PSP, this has a 4.3 inch, 16:9 Wide screen TFT LCD that can handle 480 x 272 pixel, 16.77 million colors , a visual treat. This comes with a rechargeable info lithium batter similar to the ones found in Sony Digital Cameras. This device can connect to other [similar] devices via a IEEE 802.11b (Wi-Fi) or, USB 2.0 (mini-B) or Memory Stick Duo™ or a Infrared Port, using which network games can be played across 2 or more PSP. PSP also has built in stereo speakers.

Apart from being a gaming device, using this we can also watch movies and hear streamed music. Sony will be bundling its Spider man 2 in the initial release. Sony will be charging about $20 for a movie and around $45 for games. The launch bundle includes a 32mb memory stick. I think for $250 a piece they could do more.
How many will be ready to pay $20 to watch a movie like spider man on 480x272 screen? I really don’t know; Sony banks on this movie option more than its gaming. In about 5 years from now, Sony says this will evolve more and PSP will have a hard disk network connection with Broad band, live TV etc. Market segment for PSP is 15-35.

Patent Law
Indian lower house passed a patent law using which medical manufactures will be protecting their rights. I heard a news clip on the NPR yesterday morning while driving to work. First and fore most, NPR has a very liberal habit of giving free advice to the world and they don’t care about it in their neck of the woods. In USA even the toilet seat and its friend "paper" are patented. There are patents [/applied for] on everything your hands can feel or eyes can see, or ears can hear. There are even patents for many software modules we designed, this would a tiny 5 line code that traps a mouse right click with your middle finger.

With a situation like this here NPR managed to shed crocodile tears for the countries that buy generic drugs from India. It is the same western liberal media that branded or stereotyped Indian manufacturers as Copy cat drug makers few years ago. Best joke was as usual this news ended with a remark of “this will only benefit the rich”.

India is the largest supplier of quality generic drugs for many developing or underdeveloped nations. It seems in future this will be in jeopardy. I really don’t know the so called global impact, however I feel the rights of the medical manufactures needs to be protected. Who knows someone in USA might apply a patent for my favorite “சேனை கிழங்கு roast” and prevent me from cooking it on my own, I really don’t know what would be my reaction if this happens. Let me check how much it would cost me to get a patent for the above delicacy. Here in USA I can patent even my walking style , which is similar to a fully drunk crab that is walking out of a bar to take a cab.

3rd Test
Finally Pakistan scored runs and they seemed very comfortable yesterday in spite of 7 for 2 start. Kumble and Harbajan could do nothing other than watch runs flow, Pakistan can score about 700+ on this track. However we never know.

The latest news from Banglore is after the game concludes pitch will be named as “Basavaappa street”. Yes, the pitch was laid by Municipal Corporation of Banglore, it looked very much similar to Banglore streets; however there was not much traffic other than Inzi and Younis running at regular intervals. "dhanyavadagalu"