Back after a busy long weekend; Spent most of the time in the Studio, did manage to watch NFL and few movies on SunTV.

Sathyaraj’s spoof movie “மஹா நடிகன்” was shown on Sun TV. It was funny in places. However the irony was, just the day before [Friday] Sun TV Aired “வில்லாதி வில்லன்”, Satya Raj in triple torture mode. Man! The movie reaches its heights in the climax. GowndaMani roles over the ground for about a mile escaping 200 plus police men firing about 20,000 rounds at him for 2 minutes. But still Gowndersir escapes like a circus bear on motor bike, then jumps up and puts a gun on the judge. Forces him to change his recent judgement, he then apologizes and escapes with Satyaraj number 2 to save his girl friend from Satya raj number 3, btw: the Girl friend is daughter of Satyaraj number one who like his script spends most of the movie time on a wheel chair. Ayya Revolutionary Promise! this movie contained materials for about 10 or more spoof movies. I don’t know why the வில்லாதி வில்லன் Script was not considered while writing Maha Nadigan. Having worked more than 60% movies in this illogical fashion Mr. PromiseRaj sitting tight in a glass house has real guts to make a parody. I wish people make more parody movies in Tamil.

As expected Dada is back! I was surprised to see Parthiv Patel. Selectors dropped the Tamil Nadu wicket keeper batsmen Dinesh Kartik citing Dhonis performance in recent times. But they have picked up Parthiv Patel as a back up keeper. I feel Dinesh Kartik should be the automatic backup keeper. Dinesh! It is about time to change your name to Dineshukar and migrate some where to west side of India. Board has been unfair to this player from Tamil Nadu. Dada is not out of Controversy; Mr. More is upset about Gangully missing Ranji games for Bengal. It seems he was not exempted to miss the state games.

On Saturday I was on the DC’s popular Indian TV show “Darshan”, they interviewed and discussed about my musical efforts and my latest music album H1bees. Thanks to Alisha Thomas for the interview opportunity.

This morning Washington Post carried an Article on Call centers Written by Mitra Kalita. Also check the audio post on Indian club music by Mitra Kalita. Interesting.

Good day.