Sun TV now airs the greatest game on Show on TV “Gold Hunt” aka “தகதகதகதகதகதங்க வேட்டை”. Hosted by “Padaiappa” fame Ramya Krishnan, who spends first 10 minutes of show explaining her makeup, ornaments, dress etc; sponsors exploit this occasion by providing their top of the line garments and gold wares. However I wish Colgate gets into the sponsorship, so that they can supply her with few tooth brushes and paste.

Two family compete to “pick” [தமிழ்ல சொன்ன ……] gold coins for every right answer. Actually participants seem to enjoy it but for us the viewers, the agony multiplies, – for every right answer we need to watch the participant’s “hand” pick the gold coin in slow motion with back ground music similar to Macana’s gold. For every wrong answer, Ramya drops the coins in a fish tank, the coins thus collected in the fish tank can be won by the viewers by sending in a SMS. Ramyaji speculates this throughout the show and will not tell the reason for the fish tank collection. Duh!.

Questions to the show makers;
Who frames fantastic questions like "யானைக்கு எத்தனை கால்?" or
பூனைக்கு எத்தனை வால்?"
Why there are questions about Hindu gods? Something is wrong principally! right?
What is the significance of the rubber snake props found in each Egyptian “treasure” chests?

Also I noted this, there were about 10,000 Tamil Violations in most Suv TV programs, people can call sun TV Channel as “Tamil Violation” channel. Self proclaimed Tamil watchmen [காவலர்கல்][ who often pardon SunTV for such mishaps are on vacation I suppose,I think it is better to remove letters like "ள் ழ் ழ" from Tamil to prevent language mishaps on SunTV.

Violation 1: The choices for each questions uses “ABCD”, this is pathetic, don’t we have “life letters” like அ ஆ இ ஈ ? [எனக்கு ஏன் ஊர் வம்பு இது மருத்துவர்/compounder problem]

Violation 2: why A studio set with Egyptians mummies in spite of having fantastic architectural values in Tamil Nadu?

Violation 3 [சந்துல சிந்து]: In the program, "மீண்டும் மீண்டும் சிரிப்பு" 90% of the times the hero consumes alcohol with his friends. This is shown quite cleary in closeup shots.

And many more…..Violations are so many it warrents a "balai et danse de poussoirs" near sun TV office or near Ramya Krishnan’s or Murthy's home.

ps: Many parts of Chennai are under water, 1000s are stranded in the rain. People need help. I am sure Government is doing their best. However SUNTV did not waste single minute, they were busy trying to score points over the ruling party at every possible given opportunity. idhu thanda - "சன்"துல சிந்து.

If you have not known this, the 1st between has started in Chennai about 5hrs ago and it will end it another 8 hrs. Until next rain there will be no international cricket in Chennai.

Good day.