The remarkable first test comes to an end, I was surprised to see many people show up for a dead game, “hehe” I did watch it to, I watched it for few other reason, one is nostalgic, It is a pleasure to watch your home town from other side of the world, little glimpse of good old MAC, D stand, A stand, the ground noise and the ambience a real pleasure that cannot be missed.

As far as Indian team was concerned they were given free unlimited meals tokens. Dravid and Sachin make sure they got enough “gaj”, Sachin’s decision was not 100% correct infact any other player say “Ponting or Smith” would have got the benefit of doubt. VVS was pathetic and was run out thanks to Dada who claimed his wicket. Dada was tensed, and his usual smile seemed missing. Pressure I suppose, he has to play and score runs inorder to be in the team. Dhoni came in as though he was there to win a war, he wanted to hit everything including few flies in empty stands, but…was cleaned soon. Over all Indians wasted the free meals tokens. Could not take it longer, I went to bed after the lunch break. Morning I woke up to see “damn it” the Match was drawn [Duh!], I thought! Ok, what ever! I feel Lankan’s have gained a psychological advantage over India. Lot of support for Gangully and Dhoni in Chennai, and one interesting thing - many banners written in HINDI!, halo! When did Tamilans get the heart to learn Hindi? “Dude! Tamil Nadu is growing up chill out now” Why do I say this? Just read below...

Yesterday’s issue of Washington post carried a fantastic article on Chennai. The article was titled, “Detroit's Next Big Threatwritten by Sebastian Mallaby. Columnist Mr. Mallaby predicts Chennai automobile industry is at critical point and its output will soon compensate its dodgy infrastructure. He says Chennai also shows why India succeeds in software and services. It seems 10 years ago none of our products had international standards however today the industry is grown such that almost all automobile companies adhere to strict international standards and have almost every international certification possible. He names few top companies of Chennai including TVS and the Rane group. It seems Sundram Fasteners [TVS group of companies] has won a General Motors "Supplier of the Year" award five times, and it supplies 100 percent of GM's radiator caps. Go Chennai! Go!.