Sehwag is ruled out of Second test, he called in sick reason:தொண்டைல கீச்கீச் [இரட்டை கிளவி] [cc: thoNdaila kIchkIch]. Captain Dravid missed a practice session, and he also called in sick. So who would be the interim captain?
or Kaif [but he is in the verge of being sick]
or VVS [he is technically sick and and a *rick]
Or Gangully? [Chappel will fall sick]
or Kumble? [??????]
or Agarkar ? [this thought itself makes me Sick ]
Sachin? Just before appointing Dravid, board did asked Sachin if he would be interested in this portfolio, he had clearly denied this offer, [my nitpicking friend from Mumbai, my source: R.Mohan’s interview in Vikatan that came about month ago] Why not Irfan? Other than Keeping he has opened batting, played top/middle/bottom order, by the way he can also bowl, Why not experiment him with Captaincy? What ever, Mr. Coach states Dravid shall play so there is no question about an interim captain. Team composition or confusion, we will know! it soon.

More Rains in Tamil Nadu, while DC metro had about 3-6 inches of snow this morning, however the snow ended just in time for the morning commute mess.

Sunday 11th Dec , is Mahakavi Bharathi’s 123rd Birthday, my good friend Srikanth Meenakshihad designed some T-Shirts for Charity purpose with Bharathi's face and punch lines, You can download all of the song from my Mahakavi Album here

Have a great weekend.