Gangully gets supports from all quarters; this time is not only a Bengal affair, whole country is behind Gangully today. Lok Sabha to take this for discussion . This clearly speaks about Gangully’s popularity and his contribution to the team.

The selectors have stated there will be no reversal of decisions, this is bull #1, thinking about the Indian selection process, and selector’s qualification, the so called selection panel’s experience in the sport is almost 70% lesser than the players they select or drop. The reason is the post is an honorary job; hence there are no talented folks to take it up. Talent does not come free. What the heck, why don’t you pay them? BCCI earning – the world knows how much money they make; how can an organization survive on honorary posts to pick a team that would serve as a national pride? Once a responsible job becomes a service, right away about 90% of the candidates they get will be well below par, because they will not be called for any other job. A half baked group simply rushes to occupy jobs in spite of knowing their caliber.

Today, Mr. Kiran More’s claims, selectors and the panel are focused on taking India to next level. I like to know what the next level is. I remember the story of Frog in the well. A frog born, bought up and spoilt in a well, can think only within the boundaries of the well. The truth here is the selection panel is made up ex-cricketers and few other CEO-Cymbals [aka jalra to the CEO] . We cannot expect anything technical from the Cymbal side of the table, and the pity is the so called cricketers on other side of table have played very minimal cricket to realize the so called next level. The coach and the captain are not given a free hand and they should not open anything to the public. Their hands are tied right royally here.

Yesterday the BCCI CEO mentions that he had no clue about the decision of sacking Gangully, he came to know it via TV, - More and Co says this decision was based on performance and young blood in the team - If Gangully has been dropped based on poor performance, then why in the hell Agarkar is retained till date in spite of tons of mediocre inconsistent performance?
The coach – the day he came in we had problems, Checking his past, he does not have a clean chit, after all he is an player who asked his brother to roll the last ball, and gave a reason that his mind was not in the proper place at that time., meaning, called himself a madcap.

Indian played badly in Sri Lanka, yes top players were not in form, we had a bad time, this is the first time Gangully’s captaincy seemed to slip. However his poor batting form was used in targeting him. Coach to save his lucrative position, he complained about the captain, calls Gangully “insane”, went a step ahead and complained about his predecessor John Wright. After the Email episode subsided, he shows fingers to cricket crazy fans of India, later after a day; his ass gets covered by a lie “nursing injured hand”. Frankly if you ask me, he was let go of the hook in this issue, everyone forgot about it. Today, there are rumors that Chappell’s view was the main cause for sending him home.

Chappell’s complained about the bad boy Gangully, is it, let us rewind Chappell’s background. He has zero experience in being an International coach. The local team he coached was nothing commendable, I really doubt if Chappell knew about Gangully contribution to the team till date. imo, He is currently enjoying a free on Dravid’s expertise Coach as of now thinks that he is bigger than Indian cricket, it is matter of time for Indian cricket to pull him down to eat his own words, mark this.You may ask me what agenda he has to distort dada, well! time will expose the agenda.

For dada, please improve your service to the nation - please write a book about the internal functionalities, hungama’s and affairs of BCCI, a black box no ex-cricketer have dared to expose, you can, you have nothing to loose.