Yep! We won and moved up to number 2 position in the ICC ranking. Sri Lankans were beaten by real class, it is time to pull their socks, Jayasuriya has been recalled. I would suggest changing their captain. Sri Lanka needs to think outside Vaas and Murali. But hey why should I care.

Arun Lal struggled initially to carry the award show but soon came back to his gears. Sehwag spoke all smiling about his Team and the whole effort in broken English, Harbajan Man of the match and Kumble, the man of the series were given TV’s. What next! - Indian team will be touring Pakistan next month, Sehwag has to come good at least in Pakistan to maintain is reputation. Kaif should be dropped, Gautham Gambheer should also get the axe but Board will given him one more chance, frankly I would give one more chance to Gangully. What ever all said and done the same team will can tour Pakisthan. We never know the board and its stink tank.
Mr. More, the instant selection expert was seen sitting next Chappel and discussing something. Topic: Who will get the pink slip? Must be “Tamarind Dissolving” feeling for Kaif and Gambheer. Let us wait and see, bottom line the tour depends on how top order [Dravid, Sachin, VVS, Sehwag] performs.

Enough of Cricket, let me jump to some Extempore music!.

Yesterday evening, I was practicing by playing some music at random; yes I do practice piano or keyboards whenever I feel like. I came up with a mix;, the basic rule I followed while writing this score was to just play what ever occurred in my mind, I should not go back and correct musical parts based on theory or progressions or popularity or any other factor. No retakes also - live performance, directly drop the score on the sequencer from my head via my fingers that travels over 5 octaves of my MotifES and Korg Triton This is what I got, check it out!..
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