Indians were 287 for 9 at close, 479 runs ahead. Harbajan and Kumble were nitpicking the Lankans and were unbeaten, an very important over night stay, now Indians gets to choose the type of roller for the morning session. Roll heavy!

Sachin gets a dubious decision in about every 4 innings. It was about time he got one, Umpire Ghauri did the needful. Sachin was playing quite well, just then a ball that pitched on off and middle bounced more than expected clearly going about the stumps stuck around his hip area, He was ruled LBW by the umpire. Ridicules!.

Sehwag got out in the first ball of the innings. He played a reckless one day stroke and was caught right royally by the 3rd man. Someone had a banner in the stadium listing a “New Indian team”, Sehwag was the 12th man and opening slot was given to Pathan and Dhoni. When it comes to opinions, we Indians are first to let it out boldly. There was also a message for Mr. Kiran More.

Yuvraj saved the day, after a duck in the first innings he came good with an excellent knock and set India towards the victory path. Kaif was pathetic in spite of hitting a six; he kept dancing around the pitch. His batting looked as though it was brain dead, someone had to just cut the food tube, Whew! Bandra and the umpire pulled the tube. What ever!, he deserved to be dropped. Gambheer the opener tried his best, at an average of around 10.change - a 10 second decision for Mr. More and Co. “DROP HIM!” [Read it using ESPN's Chris Burman’s style - FUMBLE!]

Inconsistent Agarkar played quite well and renewed his all rounder title till 2007 while Irfan got some runes and applied for the all rounder title.

Commentators: Why can’t they pick better commentators? The present group is totally boring, and most the time the commentators read from the screen captions Duh! Can’t we see it? I have no offence to the Sri Lankan Commentators, still I cannot take it more, they are so biased at times they come up with some fantastic crap. TWI=Total Waste International? Poor English presented well can be taken but poor presentation be it in English, Hindi, Tamil, Tulu ,Gujarathi or Konkini – TGS [தாங்கலடா சாமி]

479 in the 4th innings is a big “ask” for any team, however I will keep my fingers crossed and hope for an Indian victory.

PS::My name has been added to the IMDB, thanks to Arun Vaidyanathan for this addition, he made sure my name appears in IMDB.com. He sent them all the details about me and my studio. A pleasure to work with directors who takes care of his crew.
Arun! Thanks!