Yesterday I ventured into a Desi fast food near my place. HOTBREADS - the famous Desi fast food franchise. They opened about a month ago; many of my friends were talking about the fast food and pastries Yes! They have a wide variety of fast food items with Indian flavor. If you travel around Kentland Blvd area in Gaithersburg, make sure you drop in, it is worth the money. Their service is also quick and fantastic. Don’t miss their VadaPav and the mango mousse….Address: 70 Market street (Kentlands) Gaithersburg - MD 20878 (Maryland) [Next to Lowes]

Be it dry or wet, when it comes to Chennai - Water seems to be a perennial problem. The first test match could drain into Marina for nothing. It is very sad to see BCCI not being concerned about the sentiments of Chennai people who love this game. Usually Cricket matches are played in Chennai during Pongal time frame. I hope the cricket loving people in Chennai sue this slipshod attitude of BCCI and TNCA. Anyways I would be subscribing to willow TV to catch the game.
If you have super dish at home please check the ASIAN FM channel. Looks like a Non-Stop Desi radio station.
Back to work.