"Fanoos" is nearing Chennai, “Fanoos” = hanging lantern. What the heck it is?, another one of those deep sea depressions that bring in rain. How does a cyclone compare itself to a hanging lantern? No clue - after all the word Katrina in German means "Pure". So from a Hindi name “Bazz” we have now moved to an Egyptian name. As Arun mentioned few days ago in Blog, my suggestion would be use demons name as “Kamsan”, “Duchadanan” etc. But hey that is வட மொழி [cc:vada mozi] we don’t support any “வட” [cc:vada], தயிர் வடா [cc:thayir vada] or மெது வடா [cc:medu vada] mozies. It is about time for the “Tamil defenders” to do perform a “dharna” aka “slap stick comedy” in front of the Weather office.[Closing captaining provided by TTTTTAUSA]

When a company replaces top management, many changes can be expected, BCCI is going through such changes, it seems BCCI will invite fresh tenders for Cricket Coverage and Team Sponsors, son the “SAHARA” Indian team can change, if a company with a longer gets the sponsorship, for example “SmithKlineBeecham”, the logo would occupy both the sides “Smith Kline[PTO]Beecham” What ever, we will never know if BCCI would come clean out of this quagmire.

Listen to OliFm at work, a nice little web radio station from Toronto, Canada that plays many new Tamil songs in pure digital form. They also air my songs, right from 80s from Chennai to the latest “Engineering mark”. :)

Stay warm!.

  • DC power ball is 100 million. Mmm…