Luka Chuppi from Rang De Basanti , made my day, I have been longing for A.R.rahman to get back into serious form. In recent times, even good songs from him went into the drain, movies failed in the box office. Rang De Basanti raises hopes for another music storm, Luka Chuppi a well contained melodies song with minimal orchestration. It is very important to understand that just the song’s tempo does not determine the melody element in a song. Rahman and Asha Lata Mangeshkar [Surprise!] renders the song with lot of natural expressions and emotions. And song does not contain techno audio effects and stylus drum grooves; a powerful melody over simple and traditional orchestration, I suppose this is the magical ingredient which impresses many set of ears. Way to go big guy! I will get the CD this week.

India is on the winning path, Sachin's record will shine further if India wins the game, Sachin shut his skeptics down by a good century on an unpredictable Kotla track. I was wide awake to witness the history. Indians got 3 poor decisions in the first innings; this was the main reason for the sudden collapse. But yesterday Atapatu was given the benefit of doubt from a ball from Kumble which hit his pad and was destined to hit the stumps. Pathan’s played a gem of an innings in the second innings. Next test on Sunday, Sehwag will back, axe on Gangully or Yuraj or Ghambeer …never know. I felt Gangully played well but was over cautious; he should have stepped forward and played his usual strokes. But hey when job is at stake we don’t browse the internet even for emails

Good day.