False Hair

The ICC refused a request from Pakistan to stop umpire Darrell Hair from standing in future matches involving their team. ICC Chief executive Malcolm Speed threw “a faster one”, he stated that "It remains the role of the ICC and not our members to appoint umpires. Here is my doubt, for whose benefit ICC is for ? Ok! May be for betterment of Cricket, how will cricket become better - When the cricket playing nations play it better, in order to make this happen, the playing nation has be provided with better cricketing conditions.

Time and time Mr. Hair has had problem with various teams, let me discard all my racial rummies, still you cannot deny the fact that Umpire Hair has had problems with Pakistan and various other teams in the past. Hence when a permanent ICC member makes a request, ICC should consider it. Bottom line “collection of permanent members” = ICC. Assume if countries like India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan who generate a lot of cricketing funds shut down to form say Asian Half boiled Cricketing council, jokes apart such move can drain ICC funds. Seriously no other place in the world Cricket can be sold better than the subcontinent. Mr. Speed should slow down before displaying his powers. ICC is simply nothing without the subcontinent market.

Moving on, Players from Down under gave their tube of supporting gel [or Jell] to Hair -, why would not they support their favorite umpire. How many time Hair has rescued them from crisis.

“aleikekeeeeereckuere” – tape Rewind sound -

Adelaide, January 1992 - Australia beat India by 38 runs.
Just peruse through old articles during that time, you will know that the game was "marred... by controversy LBW decisions - Indians got about 8 bad LBW decision , while two of their own appeals were rejected". Who did this? Answer: Mr. Hair

1993 Adelide - Peter Kirsten [SA] was blessed by a series of LBW decisions from Hair, desperate Kristen gave and spoke to umpire, ICC put up a new water cooler using this incident. - Who did this? Answer: Mr. Hair

Next the ill famed MCG Boxing Day Test - 1995 – Murali was no balled by Hair – Lieutenant General Hair No balled Murali for chucking while umpire [Steve Dunn] at other end had no problems with Murali’s action. I remember watching this game on Star TV [Channel 9] when I was in Chennai. Steve Dunn pointed out later that the rules stated that any suspect action should be reported to the match referee rather being called immediately, and that it was governing body the ICC not the umpires who should rule a bowler's action legitimate or not. Mr. Malcolm Speed Sir - do you get this, when governing body is the ICC - not the umpires, how can you let Hair do such things in mid field time and time again? Was hair punished for this act? No – when all powerful cricket governors of ICC gave clean chit to Murali –Mr. Hair in his autobiography called Murali's bowling action as "diabolical" – meaning extremely cruel.

I feel with such wretched and diabolical record to his credits I think Mr. Hair has no qualification be an international umpire. I feel he is a misfit for cricket because time and time again whenever he officiates he has acted in a high-handed manner. The cricketing elite’ often utter “no one is bigger than the game itself” – Yah! This damn golden word applies to the umpires too. It’s high time - Fire the Big “Wig” aka Mr. False Hair.

Good day.