Sun TV specials, The preset lineup of course included the usual interview with our Snake + Akka, experts believe that her SunTV appearance is much more than her appearance on [pirated] Tamil DVDs. Seriously I am wondering when the “joke” called “pati mandram” would stop? TGS [Tangaladasami] .[Customary] Interview with A.R.Rahman, V for Vazisal Sarathay made sure he asked superficial questions that had no real answers. How do you feel being among Icons like Sachin? Enna questionYa idhu? I have one thing here to say [seri seri - jAlrathane - adi machi adi] , Some words from Rahman were totally inspirational. [ya! Thala enna sonnalaum adu enaku veda vAku]. Over all the Independence Day programming on Sun TV gave a clear picture on perils of too much “freedom”. Thanks to the DVR technology, just like what I would do before quarterly exams - skipped most portions.

As expected, Cricket was washed out due to rain and other political events in Sri Lanka. Currently the news is BCCI/ICC/SCB/TNCC/DMK is planning for an in-door book cricket tournament. Our great Coach Chapel is busy deciding the opening pair for the game. The game did not start on time again - reason - the book was missing so was Viru, it is rumored that Viru was napping using the book as pillow. Earlier in the day Kaif was caught red handed for tearing all pages divisible by 10. He later said he did it to save a duck’s life. Dravid was not available for comment as he had to gone to the near by stationary store to buy some fevicol.

People, do you know that the solar system planet count has been just increased from 9 to 12. Wow! "Gujjal!" time for Raj TV / Vijay TV and other TV "Josiyam" experts. [Gujjal=Hallelujah!]

They now have 3 more entities to mix and match. As per Vijay TV’s Josiyam program, from today your personal finances are controlled by the planet called “Chatru”, derived from the 10th planet on Solar System called “Charon”. Charon was formerly owned by Pluto [not the Disney dog, I meant the real planet that fetched us 2 marks in 8th Standard 1 word Q&A]. Charon the Stone was finally granted independence on Aug 15th 2006; it is now officially the 10th rock from sun. Can you guess the planet after mars? It is not Jupiter, it is Ceres. Ceres was promoted from Asteroid to planet. Josiyam experts say Ceres controls agriculture. Paddy seeds will be sown based on its position. I hope the 12th planet “2003-ub313” helps promoting my music.

Tell me this, what is the big fuss in adding new planets to the solar system that cannot be seen with your naked or nude or stripped eye? May be the only persons benefited would be Josiyam experts and of course the REMAX Realtor.

Good day!