The “Hair” matter gains momentum;

I don’t know if you would agree with me on this I feel there is a clear cut disparity on how ICC views a degree of offence. Seriously it does look like players from countries like Australia, England [yes! my man Mr. Ricky the loquacious Ponting and his team] are let go easily while similar breaches from other cricket playing nations say India , Sri Lanka or Pakistan are treated as thought they are criminal offenses. Match referees like Chris board are notorious for nepotism. I can quote many such incidents. Instead of calling ICC racial body etc, I would say ICC often plays the favoritism game. They suffer from superiority complex syndrome. More over I also feel this “soup complex” was born out of problems that infests the country cricket boards. For example our Indian cricket board, a worthless pack that never supports the players’ opinion as the Australian Board would support it player’s opinion. Board members in order to retain their “post” they side with ICC forgetting the sport and the players.

When Cricket Australia makes a statement supporting its player, it is very authentic and unanimous – a single voice opinion. However this would never happen in Indian cricket scenario. If at all the board comes forward to say something supporting the player, an Ex-board member, [Mr Leele for example] would call the press and give his esteemed opinion trashing the team, for which the board members would reply…etc. This chat will go on and one, in due course the creditability on a genuine opinion raised by the board supporting the player is lost deep in the hole. Unless and until there is clear cut unity within the boards, ICC will favor and side towards cricket boards that are more organized.

Coming to this Hair raising issue of Ball tampering, Inzi has stated in an interview that their stance on the forfeited test is matter of honor. I wish Pakistani board continues to support his opinion.

Moving on, let us check the credit history – without doubt Inzi is a very calm person when compared to say for example Mr. Ricky the loquacious Ponting, where he and his team mates gets pardoned for various sport misbehaviors. Inzi hardly raises his voices with the umpires Inzi in the past has accepted the rules of the game may be he was in a grumble mode for first hour of the incident. But he did settle quickly respecting the game. While time and time Mr. Hair has had problems with various teams, Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan in particular. Apart from goofing up on decisions, Hair’s haughty tone is known to every cricket following person around the world. When you compare the level of arrogance between Inzi and Hair, Duh! Even a child would know that Mr. Hair is light years ahead.

Secondly Inzaman is a captain of a national side, he is holding a highly respected portfolio; it does demand a respect from the umpire automatically. Umpires like Hair or my favorite Steve “the AH” Buckner cares a damn for such portfolios.
Such umpires feel that they can do anything to establish their authority. They don’t hesitate to treat the players as though they are bunch of animals.

What if Pakistan cricket board had told to ICC that they will not play if Hair or Bucky is standing in the middle. There would be no problem here. Period, I am sure ICC will take this matter seriously if more boards start objecting to crazy umpires like Hair. But boards never cared to support its players.

Also Tell me this, How can the umpire ask the batsmen to pick the ball? So what next the non striker will pick the next bowler to bowl? Press Reports suggest that no one has seen the so called “tampered ball”. If Mr. Hair’s claim is truthful why not ICC display the ball to the press? There are about 25-26 camera in the ground, and I am really surprised that there no pictures supporting Hair’s accusations. Seriously TV camera men are so efficient they capture such incidents better than their game coverage. I am sure one of the 26 would have captured it clearly. We still remember how poor Dravid was made to pay for doging something with the ball. Hope you remember Umpire Buckner’s mime act describing the incedent. On a cricket - TV camera is always watching you.

More over there is rumor saying the whole episode was triggered by English side. English coach had some suspicion on this and reported to the umpire, Hair who is closely associated with yadayada - did the needful. However English coach has denied this allegation.

[Like horlicks,]Inzi has been around for ages now, in my opinion he is very nice and clam slow natured person. I read this interview on CricInfo and I feel that his claims are genuine. There is a foul play and Mr. Hair , ICC has to answer this.
Will Hair do the same thing if it had been Australia v.s England? Don’t tell me those teams don’t do such things, the first case of ball tampering in India was by the visiting English team – John lever was caught using Vaseline from his forehead. Indian Umpire/Bedi found it. He was caught red handed, so when it comes to Cheating, every country has its own set of bad elements. Just blaming Pakistan here cannot be accepted.

It is another controversy for Mr. Hair; I think it is better send him home; there are better umpires in this world. Having said this, ICC to safe their ass have asked Ranjan Madugulle to take care of the proceedings, and he is another known cymbal [Jalra] for the ICC. Hence! The case it put to rest, I am sure Mr. Hair will be the world cup elite panel.

Finally, Chennai Day is being celebrated from today…, I am from Chennai and I dearly miss Chennai. My contribution to Chennai - my song - 80s in Chennai --
Happy Chennai day!