Weekend story..

Over the weekend stopped by SunTV; Sun TV serial [killers] artists displayed their other cinematic talents in form for Record dance. I could not take it at all, especially when veteran actor Siva Kumar displayed his “dabba” capacity, he listed about 100 flowers and verbally dropped them all in the golden feet of his “Talai”– however he missed the main flower that would have worked better “kathula poo”. The Pathetic Villy from oxymoronic “Soga Anadam” was seen dancing in all almost all the record dances. Thank god for “change the damn channel button” in the remote control.

I also saw a movie, “Azhagai Irukkirai Bayamai Irukkirathu” - Bharath, Mallika Kapoor, Arun Kumar, the funny guy Bhaskar. Frankly I got this DVD to squeeze some juice for my Blog, but you know what, I was disappointment.

Director Vijay Milton must be a very funny guy. His direction and screen play was fresh and visible in every frame. Each frame was filled wit and humor. The movie had lots of fresh ideas like very nice introduction and mostly perfectly timed funny dialogues. Mallika Kapoor was very impressive and competed well with talented Bharath. – Usage of Vividh bharathi’s “ungal viruppom” theme music is worth a mention.

I laughed loud; it was really different from the usual [pathetic] Tamil movies that spend about 3000 feet of film roll for just character introductions. The story line and its twist carried the movie well, Director had to cook this meal for 3hrs hence he did lost his grounds in middle. Like the usage of animation was fun but in my opinion it was an over kill. All said and done, Director Vijay Melton came back quite well to end the finish the movie. The conclusion was crisp, short and sweet.

The sound tracks - in fact the music was “sagikable”, at times impressive too, but when it came to singing ability of Yuvan Shankar I am surprised who in the world told Yuvan that he can sing. Dude get straight - you cannot sing, please don’t even try. It is horrible to hear, as your voice and pitching is no where near basics of any kind of singing. A song is to be sung in one key in a particular harmony but often he tries to sing [“nosing”] in all the 8 keys per harmony/progression. Is Tamil Nadu short of “good” vocalists?

I wish more movies are made in this fashion; I would reduce the time to just 2 hours max. If you spot and laugh for witty humor I recommend that you should watch this movie with your family – Yes. It is family movie too - Azhagai Irukkirai Bayamai Irukkirathu, better name would be (a - b)2 [= a2 - 2ab + b2]

Finally, As you know I have been working with Mr. [Altanta] Ganesh, Veteran Tamil movie and Stage artist, in his cross over English feature film - “Dance to My Tunes…” for which I did the music scoring recently, The crew has come with a Trailer for promotional purposes, I have obtained permission to upload it in my website and Blog, I will upload this in a day - since the file size it too big I am trying to getting it down to a quick one minute cut using windows media format, best viewed in 320x270 screen; If time permits I will also upload the sound track that I composed for the trailer as a separate download.

Good day.