Only A.R.Rahman!

"jil enu oru kAthal" – A great track with Broadway style Big band Jazz– in my opinion – “Zimply Superbbu!” Rahman has produced an honest track keeping the genre intact till the final bar.

ARRangement - [simple walking] Bass, Drums, Rhodes, Brass section, muted trumpets, tap dancing thumps and Finger snaps. Concentrate on each instrument separately and see how they complement each other with the vocals. The Recording is crystal clear you get a fantastic separation.

Vocalist - Tanvi is amazing”. Her expressions are of top quality and the most important – “picture perfect pitching”. I highlight this because movie tracks today have various “keyless” entry and exit points. Just listen to Tanvi’s vocal tone variation for the line Jil enu oru kathal – this is quite amazing and the female Jazz scats are very authentic. I just do not know what special Rahman does to get such fantastic vocals on the track. Only Rahman!

Tanvi’s slightly accented Tamil pronunciation - honestly I liked it, and there are no serious “pronunciation” issues to complain, she pronounces hard Tamil sounds quite well. You cannot find fault here - having said that - in software development we often say “there is always one more bug” in music appreciation - there is always one more “nitpick” - who knows – by dropping few drops of castor oil in the ears “pundits” will identify faults like “pronunciation for the word “seiyuthe” is irritating” - I would leave those nitpicks to “Tamil pundits”. Bottom line here is - I understood it and I have a great track to play in my car Stereo during office rush hour traffic. “The energy in the song inspires me and creates a greater level of enthusiasm to be creative in life”.

Ps: Next track that caught my attention at once was “New York Nagaram” I will write a detailed review on every song once I come out “Jil en oru kathal” joram– Man! Rahman Rocks.