Monday Musings

What is the problem with Umpire Darrell Hair? He was in a controversial “love” tangle with Murali couple of years ago; Hair ruled that Muralitharan was a chucker; however ICC using its “most” modern facilities cleared Murali from this ordeal. Still Murali faced humiliation from the Aussie public. But for the myopic treatment, Mr. Darrell “the” Hair [what a convenient last name] was let go free. Ball Tampering is a serious offense, having said this I would also say it is a very hard case to prove such incidents. How can you prove the ball has been tampered? Event CSI Miami sleuths cannot help! Secondly the Cry Babies XI aka Pakistan team should not have walked out simply dishonoring the game of cricket. There is a process in place called “protesting’ - will it work or not, that is a different issue. If you feel what the Umpire did was incorrect, I would say what Pakistan team did is also incorrect. Both the parties insulted the spirit in the game and forgot about spectators who have paid money. It was comical to see the veteran Mr. Imran “the political” Khan blast out the umpire, the Cookubara company, the pitch, English weather etc…– let me tell you I have not forgotten the confession of his team mates in the past – “ball tampering using soda bottle lids”. I wish ICC investigates the ordeal properly [hahaha], if Hair is proved wrong once again - ICC needs to fire him at once and Pakistan team should get an open apology from him in public. What if the ball had been tampered? Was Pakistan right in forfeiting the games? They have to account for this too. Cricketing law should take its course.

Yesterday Sapthaswargal came to back to its grooves. All girls show again, most of them sang very well. My best singer vote goes to “Shruthi”, it seems she has been learning music for only 4 years, wow! for such a voice she must be in play back already. When it comes to singing, apart from perfect technical accuracy, it is all about conveying expressions. She had a voice & expressions that was similar to Bombay Jayashree. I had some spare time in the evening hence I continued with the Aug 15th specials via DVR, One program I should commend SunTV for was Actor Suriya going to a village of army families. Amazing stories and the program was apt for the day. “Suriya” is shining better day by day. Waiting for “sil” or “jill” or what ever is kAdal :)

Yesterday KTV was showing a movie called Manithan – Ebba, I remember cutting classes and going to this movie on the first day. Seriously KTV has been showing well made craps like Manithan, Nanum-oru-Thozilalai. The music director for Manithan was one Mr. Chandra Bose. I caught him on Sun TV late night serial during channel surfing. He had a dada getup in ujjala white and white, he was busy torturing a female and the script, it looks like he has an alternative career now – good thing is the torturing factor still remains intact.

Finally, “The Try” cricket series in Sri Lanka finally closed. , I saved some hard earned money by not subscribing.

Good day,