Moday Musings

Vinayaka Chadhurthi weekend on Sun TV; the non-believers had their customary special movie treat titled “English காரன் ” [it should be Ka”run” instead]. The moral of the story “Encourage your kith and kin to do things they like to do". I think Mr. Satyaraj did the needful to his son Sibiraj. [சரி சரி what else to do, "படிப்புவரல" -that will be an all together another discussion.] Based on the moral I think a 30 minute "வணக்கம் தமிழகம்" with Satyaraj as special guest would be a cost saver mint for the producer. And most of all, the movie insulted athletes around the world – it was a sheer “comical” [I swear] to watch Namitha run along with athletes. The good old Siva Kumar’s thriller “Ladder Steps” [அதான் sir ஏணிப்படிகள்] script could have been reused instead.

People!, listen to this crap - Namitha is a "village" girl born to a male chauvinistic "conservative" dad and a boxed snake [பொட்டிப்பாம்பு]tight lipped mom. But Namitha the village girl is allowed to wear a narrow “pepe” jeans and a juicy Gucci T-shirt. Due to “other" noticeable distractions with a great difficulty திருவாளர் பொது ஜனம் accepted Namitha as an athlete.
ஏங்க “Satyam sir” கொஞ்சமாவது logic வேண்டமா?. When there are producers to spend on such craps, there are also “good” directors struggling to find money to produce genuine movies. Yes I am taking about VAV. vettai Adu ViLaIyAdu.

Looks like கரார் Kamal’s cheque was cleared for payment. Vetaiadu Villayadu was released finally yesterday. Director Gautham spoke about his movie on Sun TV. I think Director Gautham top most Tamil directors who can communicate their production efforts. He never minces words or statements, yesterday in the promotion program, his expressive eyes spoke million words on the whole effort. Their experience on flying over NYC was an interesting one to hear. I just like to know this, it is that hard to make a Tamil movie in New York, when there are tons of Hindi movies shot in Manhattan area, why our guys seems to struggle? All about funding I suppose. We are busy spending on movies like “English Karan” which serves no purpose [Breaking News: die hard Namitha fans are protesting against his statement.]. I hope VAV movie does not disappoint, though Hj’s songs have already done the needful, I believe a movie is not a just million dollar music video. More than Kamal, Prakashraj or Jothika, I trust Gautam’s ability - he is a director from a different generation. He told about the first song in the movie – it seems that it was not need for the story however being Kamal fan, he cannot let go the opportunity to shoot a “kamal song”. He also made a request and asked people to stay in the theater until the last frame rolled down. Hope VAV is Wow – [WOW=Wetai OAdu Wilaiyadu in Rajinee style]

I might have to wait for the DVD. My home theater is better equipped than Desi theaters in DC area. Knowing Gautam’s and Harry’s mixing ability, I not wasting my money on Desi Theater and its customary sound system. I also prefer an Aiyangaran DVD, why I am saying this because off late in many Desi video stores I see Tamil movies from a DVD company called “Sruthilayam” from Canada. There are simply the worst DVD manufactures known to man kind. The sound quality is pathetic; some times you get camera prints dumped on a DVD which creates a doubt about their legality. Yo! “Sruthilayam” Dude - Dolby Digital or DTS is not spreading the same channel to all the 5 channels. Why can’t our Tamil community get organized in providing legal channels for Tamil movie distribution on DVD around the world?

Good weekend.