Wednesday Talk

When I browsed through the Google news, one major headline topped the charts. If you think it is about the war in Middle East, you are wrong my friend, or may be the change of regime in Cuba, No you are wrong again. It the story of Mel "the Full" Gibson, the popular macho Hollywood star was arrested on DUI charges, that is one side of the issue, the other side is during the arrest Mr. Gibson taunted racial remarks on a particular community. After a full "Alcohol drain" MelJi realized that this issue would grow against his movie career, at once he changed his name to "Gel Gibson"; He apologized to the community and expressed his willingness to talk to the community leaders in order to obtain a free “Saba Vimochanam” coupon. Few years ago when Mr. "Dull" Gibson released his dull movie Passion of the Christ, there were similar nose cry in the press. However in due course of time, it subsided down as Hollywood has better news like Britney becomes pregnant, get ready in about 2 weeks the same news would take over Mel DUI drive. This one and half “aNa” news was discussed to full extent on TV, Radio and other popular media outlets, popular Blogs and less popular Blog [Yes, Mine].

Example of manipulating news, http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/1838782.cmsSo what did you feel, is this about the popular cricketer?

While browsing through Times of India , I saw this news, “Cher's charity clear out”, yes some of her old body parts that she replaced over the years are on sale now, like “Build the Bear” , you can build you own Cher.

Finally, Team India on the final day of pre tour camp, went through military training in Parachute Regimental Centre. Chappell says it was fun filled training, we need to ask Viru and I hope the training camp slowed down his growing circumference. It seems Players underwent a lot of activities, not only aimed at improving their physical strength, but also concentration. Kind of a joke, were they playing international cricket without physical strength and concentration till date? What ever, the way Sri Lankans are playing today, I don’t mind to send a real army regiment to defend. Dravid and the coach have lot of stakes in this series; it is not enough if Dravid scores runs, as a captain he has to win games & series. One good thing for him is Master blaster Sachin is back in the team, another experience shoulder, or to put it crudely, - the blame is easily transferable.