Hum for the day

Do you want guess the cost of a voluntary hair “cut” - it is about $500,000. It seems Mr. Grumpy the courageous Hair negotiated with ICC for a $500,000 payout. Meaning, he would quit and walk out of the ordeal [orchestrated by him] if ICC pays him for the loss that he is going to suffer in next 5 years.

This is kind of getting muddy, why should Mr. Hair worry about the money that he is going to make in next 5 years? Has ICC already committed to him? If Hair believes that Inzi and company are guilty why in the world he should fear job security? What happened to his over blown so called “Determination” “strong mind” “strength “ etc - Only Hair loving folks in Down under has to clarify.

ICC has already booked Inzi on 2 counts hearing is pending while they were busy negotiating terms with Mr. Hair. There were rumors yesterday on press that there is slight confusion in the Pakistani dressing room. Things are getting muddy day by day. May be this is first time we see a version of Dirty Hairy without client East wood in it. –Hum for the day “HaIriHaIri om HaIriHaIri om”

Have a great weekend.