The Tri Series in Sri Lanka might be washed out. This is not a laughing matter, when so much money is spent on these games, why not ICC get hold of someone who knows the local geography and weather?.

Thank you God for keeping ICC under control [ICC=Internal Cricket Cravings]. I have not signed up anything yet to watch it live. More over games are scheduled on “busy week days” [starting at 5.00am EST.] I wish the honorary cricket planners, schedule game over the weekends, - most of the fans watching are not “honorary” workers. On second thoughts I think there is no point in watching Dravid Tortoise hunt game plan planned by our coach who flip-flops more than popular democrats here.

Our popular coach cried out loud to the press that Sachin cannot throw the ball etc, later flip flopped to cover up the whole “olaral” ceremony by saying deep throw, short throw etc. Sachin did play in the practice games without any problems. Having been certified by the team physiotherapist and a bunch of responsible doctors, there was no need for the coach to make silly statements. He is not a “doctor” and secondly it was really childish, just assume that there was some truth to this claim, he should have raised this to the board directly but instead he leaks it out to the press, which can help the opponents. This is the “n” goof up incident for the Aussie coach in the press. Talking about “Aussie” Mr. Dean “the bigmouthed” Jones was penalized for passing comments on a South African player. I wish commentators get this clearly - in most pay-per-view channels there are no commercials breaks, I have also heard lots of comments during live broadcasts. At least broadcasters can install a big red light sign saying “ON AIR”, So that the commentators can keep all their sarcastic orifices shut when the light is on.

Had a glimpse of SunTV “sapthaswarangal” yesterday – it was professionally awful. When someone forces their agenda in the name of art - quality suffers. Sun TV for about a month now is trying badly to push their management’s agenda in programming. Yesterday participants were asked to sing songs from popular Kannagi story - “silapathigaram”. There was huge Kannagi statue in the back drop. First and fore most, seriously none of the participants could sing [or wink wink pronounce Tamil properly]. The so called compositions lacked musical values, I wish someone could have composed them in a better fashion; it was a pathetic display of literature.

Finally Sun TV is busy advertising their August 15th special program line up, and the announcer says "cherish our freedom and independence", agreed very patriotic , however when he makes this announcement – on the screen - Ariya was seen busy holding his "dash" ….. And singing for a copied rap flick – Damn, can’t they choose a better decent "spot" to place this "patriotic" voice over message.

Good Day,

Ps: Aratai aragam is now taken over by Mr.Solomon Papayya and the well known speaker Mr. Raja, they are funny and knowledgeable people, still after watching it for 10mins I felt the has been diluted [with an agenda] and has lost all its seriousness. It sounded like another “patti mandram” that required a lorry load of Laughing gas to get a smile.