The Agony ended. To cover the cost, the Lahore cricket ground was leased to a wedding party for the evening. The play was called well ahead of the time for the guests to arrive and settle down for the function. The pitch area was quickly converted to a valet car park while a quick kitchen was built near the pavilion/long off region. The glamorous wedding took place under lights with 5203 guests - twice the match Attendance.

Match Drawn, Waste of time and money for pathetic pitiable cricket fans including “yours faithfully”. Next one starts at Faisalabad, a pitch that is going to bounce, swing a.k.a bowlers’ paradise Yawn, we were told the same for Lahore.

Suggestions to make next one interesting

  • Reduce the pitch size by 11 - Half pitch.
  • One Pitch One hand [except Danish Kaneria]
  • Over arm throw [Bedi says "in that case Shoib Akthar need not change his action”]
  • 4 stumps and 4 bails
  • Keep the press and TV involved - During lunch time a small street play about Gangully, Dravid, Chappel and Kiran More titled, "Dada becomes a sAda"
  • Inversions [lefties should play in Right while rightist Play in left][will also be a Cheesy concept for the next FOX TV show ]

    A question to the Pakistani board: During the previous historical, geographical, political tour - the stands were empty. Pakistani board failed to get people to the ground. The Stands were even missing the “filler” - flies and the crows. The same trend continued again this time, where did the damn cricket loving crowds of Lahore go? Few Indians who had traveled all the way across the border were seen cheering all alone. Why schedule a game in place where crowd is not interested to see the sport. ICC needs to take a note of it. Just ban the grounds from next few games if promised crowd fails to shows up. May be - Buy 1 and get 21 free tickets with a flag of your choice could work.

    Indian openers failed to break the record and missed the land mark by 4 runs. There was also a presentation function and a “ceremony” for the pitch. Sehwag boldly mentioned about the pitch “it lacked international quality”. Dravid gave a nice speech; when Rameeze Raja asked about opening and team selection issues he dogged it quite well and told we picked the best team on cards. Period; He also mentioned that he was thrilled to watch Viru from the best seat in the ground, he also told never once he tried to compete with Viru. He played his own game and left the hitting job to the specialist. Gangully was given the “best catch of the match award”. Mmm..

    Indian board has lined up more matches with Australia next few years; board is also considering India Pakistan games on neutral venues like Toronto etc what ever! For now, buzz around my office is some how get tickets to the Steelers Broncos game in Denver!
    Good day.