Cricket headlines in Google news speculates Inzi to be the culprit who instructed the curator to prepare a flat track. what else you expect from a defensive dude? What ever next Test starts in about 13 hrs; this does not matter now. Bedi’s predicts - “Faisalabad to be another bore. But finally says “only a nincompoop would make predictions”.

Viru had yapped more than his usual. Akathar Sami & company will definitely pump steam and fire some scud missiles at him. I am more worried about Indian bowling, unable to guess if Ajith the “Almighty All Rounder” be dropped. He might escape by blaming the pitch. Weather might play its part, if the weather predictions its worth, we could see some rain interruptions on the 3rd or 4th days play.

My pitch prediction: a pitch with uneven bounce that has room for some turn. After Lahore, btw:I did the prediction based on my drive way.

NFL weekend, Pittsburg Steelers at Denver after their fantastic win over the Colts. Colts lost in spite of getting indirect help from the Zebras and an unbelievable fumble by “the Bus”. Hope Steelers win and make it all the way to Detroit. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I was cleaning my studio hard drive. I found a track which I though I would put it here. Vocals by Sundar Rao, a very talented Hindustani vocalist; Sundar has sung many songs for me in the past. This track is from one of my composing sessions.

I compose songs often inspired by Udhaya's poems, I take the liberty of using Udhaya’s lyrics with his consent. At times I also borrow words from Bharathi or use my own words just to give a better picture to the lyricist. This song is about rain, I felt one of Udhaya’s poem had a great pallavi, later for the second part I picked some more apt words from Bharathi, we can call it a lyrics fusion about Rain. Udhaya and I had planned to work on the last portion, however due to time constraint it did not get through the production life cycle. Here you go Udhaya’s pallavi and rest from Bharathi check it out. Hope to complete this some time in future;

Have a great weekend.Go Steelers!