Yesterday was the season premier for the popular TV show, American Insults oops Idols. About 50-60% percentage of the viewers watch the show for “what Simon says”, and some feel disgusted about his blunt opinions. Nevertheless he is very witty and judges the talent with accuracy. This ability of Simon is such he is often pardoned for his verbal abuse and instant participant tease. I do admire his judgment. However after watching yesterday’s show I felt Simon went overboard. He started to insult and score points on “physical” appearance of the participants. The biggest sufferer was a little guy about 4 feet tall. He did sing mediocre however instead of talking about his vocal cords, Simon hit a wrong chord citing his height and physical appearances. He called him a Wasp and he made fun of his physical appearances. He also ridiculed few others by asking to increase the stage size. Scoring sadism points in the name of Show business. Shame on Simon and Fox network; a participant who was jumping around like an elastic band and screaming in the name music was given a ticket to Hollywood. Thanks to Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson.

The movie Gajinee - I watched recently, and man Harris Jeyaraj what was he thinking when he scored those dreaded background music. He picks hooks like “BoZo” “BoZo” and Zolo lozo and creates a crackpot theme. And some were inspired from Passion of the Christ. The DTS panning to the right and left surround speakers made it more awful and painful. Few more Harris Background hooks can be found here.
First half was nice; Suriya and Asin play their part well. But the second half was simply worthless. The dual role villain [Bill O Reilly look alike] , he just goes around and kills people. Director totally lost his way may be he had to return the original novel [Memento] to the library. The villain spin reminded me of good old and pathetic Anatha oru Nimidam. In this movie Major [the director] goes over board in his imagination. Instead of killing the bad guys he makes Kamal and Co kill the audience. Kartik vocals rocks in “Oru Malai” and Suriya dances well in Rangola , Salsa ஆடி கலக்கரார். I think Surya has the smart looking hero charm and fantastic screen presence when compared to most of the “modern day heroes”.
My screen presence rankings –
Power struggle - Suriya, Vikram, Chimpu;
Romance Struggle – Maddy, Suriya;
Audience Struggle: EEOV - எனக்கு ஏங்க ஊர் வம்பு

Cricket, do you know that Rawalpindi Express wheels oops shoes costs around 55k [$1400]. Specially designed for him; and it seems he has five pairs of these designer shoes. What ever, if the next test gets rained off, I have better uses for those shoes. Indian board rebelled out of the Champions trophy next year. Good for them, this tournament always coincides with their peak test season. ICC has warned stern action against India. Oh YA! The five star banquet gatherings where they make such decisions are being paid by Crazy Desi Cricket Fan.

Good day.