Sports filled Weekend, in about a decade of my NFL craze; finally a team that I support is in the super bowl. Pittsburg Steelers stunned everyone and are now all set to take on Seattle Seahawks. Go! Steelers.

2nd Test match - Think Tank opted for more bowlers. I was just wondering - we have 3 openers, of which 2 are rested, and 2 wickets keepers of which one is destined to carry drinks. Why carry unwanted resources if they are not going to be used? It is a known fact that our bowling attack is very much below par, so instead of Parthiv Patel, why did the think tank ask the selectors for an additional bowler? If [touch wood] Dhoni gets injured we can always get Parthiv or Dinesh [2 hrs flight from Delhi] to replace him? I don’t get this at all.

Dropping specialist openers then push Gangully to open, media speculation, finally Dravid takes the opening slot. Why such disarray? If four bowlers cannot stop the runs spree I do not know what the fifth would do extra. Just a head count, what ever Zaheer bowled, Gangully can bowl. I am not supporting Gangully, but based on the bowling in the last game, he was never given the ball in spite of good bowling compared to others.

Anyway, India seems to be on right track, thanks to Dhoni and Pathan. Dhoni decided attack is best form of Defense; He hit everyone around the ground and got a well deserved century. Pathan, Pathan compensated for his pathetic bowling and was on 49 when bad light stopped play.

The morning session was too dull; the Indian top order complicated their life; thanks to the super cautious approach. Dravid and Laxman played well but were too slow in my opinion. They could have easily scored about 100 runs more if they had attacked instead of defending. Approximately, the partnership between VVS and Dravid fetched about 197 runs in 400 balls. Just assuming a run a ball, we are left with about 200 balls dot balls. About 30 maiden overs; 3 runs per over would have fetched us about 90 runs extra. But they were busy blocking and giving confidence to the bowlers on a lifeless track. Both the batsmen created unwanted pressure in the middle. Adding to the agony, Sachin ruled himself out and walked. This was followed Dravid’s run out. Yuvraj carelessly hooked a short ball. If not Dhoni and Pathan , we would be following on.

Good day!.