Gameகூபாம் கபீம் Day

India vs Pakisthan
Day, 2,3, 4

கூபாம்கபிம் *** கபீம்கூபாம் *** கூபாகாம்பீ
[Sub title: kUbAmkabIm kapImkUbAm]
[ps:Technical specs about these punishments can be obtained from 1-900-Anniyan or Anniyan.com]

These were the punishment bowlers were made to face in the first test at Lahore. When compared with Indian bowlers, though they got more wickets , Pakistani bowlers did bowl some tight line. But Genius in Sehwag keep them hitting really hard. When கூபாம்கபிம் was ordered on them them, at least Indians were happy to get few wickets. But yesterday Viru was simply “பிச்சிடுவேன் பிச்சி” on a mummified pitch , that was recently excavated from the near by Harappa and Mohendarajo.

Inzi’s agony continued, When ever they showed him, for some reason I recollected the background from the movie Gajini “Bo zo Bo zo Bo zo”. He resorted to some top level captaincy and was seen using “inki piny ponkey” to choose his next bowler. In the second half when Sehwag was around 180, bowlers start to toss coins amongst themselves to pick the next bowler, Poor Rana lost the toss and had to bowl – donation of 4 ruthless boundaries to Sehwag.

The fun part was Dean Jones commentary, he started to play a game, using his computer and mouse he started to draw arrows to guess where Viru would hit the ball. Rameeze Raja little bit ticked by this, was giving a அசட்டு smile and took the sarcasm, but he also defended the pitch, it seems it is not yet dead, yawn, I agree but should be born before being dead.

Indians will break records, CDS, Cassette tapes, what ever, the sun god on vacation to the down under, what to say, I feel for Gangully, Why? It was speculated that he was asked to open, but did not want to , poor Ex missed this free run spree. What ever, Tomorrow another day of கூபாம்கபீம் ensured.

The NFL Play off final four, - my prediction a.k.a Guess, a.k.a blind luck - Steelers, Broncs, Panthers, and Seahawks – did come true. Go Steelers!

Good day.

To save their bowlers Indian team and Pakistan boards have come to an agreement to use modern technology.
Check here for details