How do you win Games? , One method is to play good cricket, but there are also other ways. The famous “Australian” way, use distracting tactics and get the umpire on your side. Ponting, Andrew Symonds and Mike hussy were out couple of times and were let go by the umpire. Adding to this agony Nel the flamboyant South African bowler reported racial comments from the crowd. Nel is also known for his tantrums, but Racial smears from the crowd cannot be tolerated. Aussies needs to re-think their tactics, Cricket Australia and their captain Ricky Pointing [he made 120/1] should be ashamed. Mind it this is not the first time such things happen. Most touring team to Australia has gone through such treatments.
What is the point of being World champs? I really do not know. Gangully made 50% of the score of what his home team made. Kiran more should be happy that Gangully scored runs.

Sri Lanka is yet to regain their form, lost badly to New Zealand. Inzi has commented about Sachin, they have plans to curb his batting. It seems Sachin is not like before, What ever, I really don’t care. When will the act of comparing Sachin25 to Sachin32 will end. His fate is such that even the slightest failure - he would become “Sachin65” for his skeptics. Inzi is more worried about Sehwag and he considers Indians to be the favorites.

“The Top 10” program on SunTV: This program spoofs every other movie. Yesterday was their favorite - T.Rajender, man! It was really funny to the core, they demonstrated how it would sound if all the characters in the movie talked in “high raised language” [அதான் sir அடுக்கு மொழி], Frankly in the world of 6th sensed [பக்குத்தறிவு] Tamil Serials [such comedy skit clearly saves their subscription.

What are 6th sensed Tamil serials? When a sit com has the story line woven in and around false Hindu religious beliefs, Astrology, pulse Astrology [நாடி ஜோசியம்] and mistreatment of women by another set of women, their family husbands [Yes plural] , this can be termed as 6th sensed Tamil Serials. It seems few weeks ago the Selvi that airs late night WTC was shown clearly what is WTC?- Widow Treatment Ceremony. Man! Not 6th sensed - it is 7th Sense aka nonsense. Pathetic!

Good day!.