Words of wisdom from the Indian Captain:
Building a team is as much about finding the right people as it is about not having the "wrong people around them.

You don't want people whose own insecurities, whose own problems and whose own fears drag everyone else down. That can be a big dampener in teams.
-- well said!..

Indians are all set for the Pakistan tour which is just about a week away. There are concerns about weather playing spoilsport. I would wait before dumping the money for the live telecast.

Aussies are being tortured by slow South African batting; the famous grumpy Australian twin “Mr. Mean Misbehavior” was well under control for past few years, thanks to medications like “World Champs” or “Enormous success”, however South Africans are holding the bull by horns, the Aussie medication seems to fail, the evil twin seems to take over. Brett Lee argued with the umpire over and over again for an LBW decision and was reprimanded by the match referee, mostly he will be let go. Ponting appearing to have angry exchanges with the umpires was linked to its frustration at a lack of bowling success. Yes! If Pointing does it, we can call it is frustration, but if one Mr. Gangully does it is called misbehavior. Indian Board for a change did something correct, they might break away from the ICC test plan, Board wants to play more against Australia and England, current scheduling limits games between these countries.

The New Year is here bright!, 2005 a memorable one for me - my musical journey for past 15 years finally saw a crescendo, thanks to all my well wishers, artists, friends and family. “Desire”, “Determination”, “Action” “Destiny”, - Secret of success WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.