"Cricket needs positive games, it doesn't need teams batting out and drawing games,"
-Smith, South African captain.

Yawn!, I pity him, he was too naive to assume that Australia will not score more than 4 per over. When it comes to winning, Test cricket or One day it does not really matter for top teams. And For super teams like Australia where everyone in the 14 knows to bat in such circumstances, it was Cleary a wrong decision to declare with such a low margin of safety.

[1] Without a world class spinner in Sydney; [2] 4 Runs per over for the world champs is not that difficult; It was gutsy or stupid decision? For you to guess; Smith also failed to consider the myopic crowd support for the home team, with 3 blind mice’s technically called umpires making merry on every decision. Smith should have played it safe, yes drawn matches are boring, but loosing a game because of underestimating your opponents is sheer stupidity.

Today Aussie press is speculating that Sachin’s achievement could be soon conquered by Ponting; yes it can happen, and he can be there in quick time. What ever, Please remember this hard coded fact - Ponting’s achievement cannot eclipse Sachin even by a whisker. The world today knows that Ponting gets 2 or more innings per inning, if you know what I mean.

Mr. [Finger] Pointing has also spoken about misbehavior for his team mates. He also did the same in the field. Hey! what if he had lost or drawn the game? I am sure he would never bother to curb such activities and would cover the entire episode with the term “metal disintegration” or some “gizmophic” English word.

After all this, Smith now says South African will take the revenge in their home games. I really like Smith as a batsmen and a captain, hope he really means what he says. Time will tell. but I would also say this - better get some really biased umpires to make this happen, else Ricky the magician will use this magic powder to blind umpires and will snatch the game.

Have a good play-off weekend.

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