Being in Washington DC area for few years now, I learnt one thing quite well here - Wasting money. Jingoistic circuits in my brain forced me to spend on this drab test series against Pakistan. There are millions of viewers who are disgusted as I am now. Pakistani board has to be penalized for simply killing the sprit in the sport. First test had a car park converted to pitch while this one resembled Mambalam highway. [Road that runs parallel to the railway track from Mambalam to Kodambakkam]

Both teams scored about 1600 runs, bowlers proved and sent a message, they established the fact that even they can score runs in such life less tracks. Zaheer and R.P Singh [Man of the match] managed to get some thing out but by then lead was about 400+, the crowd began to move out as soon as Abusing Afridi got out. Dravid never wastes free coupons – he boosted his average. What ever, Never! I will spend to watch test cricket played in Pakistan. One good thing about this game, I got my usual quote of sleep. For $150 I would have got another Channel strip module, something I have been longing this year to upgrade.

Firing arrows in my wound – Mr. Michel holding! Why and who selected him to be the master of ceremonies, English language had its final ceremony. Dean Jones would do a better job, why don’t they get him. Holding might be great bowler etc, but his accent - we need subtitles and closed captaining in English to understand what he is referring to, prudent Dravid just took a copy of his speech from the last game and read it again, Inzi followed him. The whole Circus now moves to a parking space in Karachi.

American Idol, in spite of sarcasm, everyone gets attracted to this program. Yesterday I came across witty and humorous comments from Simon. He rejected a contestant by giving a very funny reason - “Frank opinion - The reason for my NO was - it sounded just like the original” – contestant sang a Back street Boys number.

One guy showed up in green dress and long golden hair and dark green eye makeovers – Simon on seeing him - “You just look like Incredible Hulk’s wife” of course his voice was just like Mr. Hulk. -- Sounds Crude? but hey a great presense of mind. Another guy who introduced himself as the best ever singer and can sing any style but when tested - sucked right royally, Simon asked him about his music training – if any, the guy says “I learnt it from the DVD of Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson” Simon went to him and congratulated him for his fantastic talent. He was very funny all through the show.

Is it right to insult people on TV? This is a big debate!, however when you see someone yapping too much about their talent but when tested before Judges their voice often resembles a cat suffering from an early morning constipation – I feel they do deserve the Simon treatment. Most musicians who pass the selection hardly speak loud or Yaps, they are calm before and after the audition.

However my above conclusion is based on Fox production. A good screen play with proper edits can change any ones views, or I call it the MichelMoorph’ism. We will never know the true colors of this show.

Good day.