Looking forward for it

I have met and still meeting fantastic musicians in my 20 year old musical life. Few whom I would prefer to forget but there are many whom I simply cannot forget.This weekend I will be meeting one such person.

Kansas Raja or popularly known as RajaG - for about 7 years we have been good friends, in fact I would say he is the one who opened the doors for my music productions here in the US. I am really grateful to him till date for this deed.

Flash back - Last Century [1998] - It was a cold wintry Iowa weekend; RajaG called me and enquired my musical talents. I had known him via Tfmpage.com. After few phone chats about music etc, he told me that he is going to drive down for the weekend to meet me. “Kansas to Davenport Iowa during the brutal winter months?” yeh! He said No problem! Any thing for music;

At about 12.35am on Saturday I get a call from him, it seems his Van got stuck in a Snow pile, sure! I thought because the local news channels were busy measuring snow in feet. I set off at wee hours on a slippery road condition to pick someone whom I know only by voice. This is how I met RajaG and from that day till now he has been encouraging my musical quests and been a good friend. I have recorded many times with RajaG [ மோகத்தை கொண்று விடு, பொன் மாலை, வண்ணத் தமிழ் ]. However never seen him live on stage, this it the first time.

Wait there is much more to this show, call it icing on the cake - Alisha Thomas would be also singing along with him. Let me also rewind how I met Alisha. Thanks to Praveen who gave my contact number to Dr. Thomas. He called me, introduced himself and told about his daughter who had sung in Malayalam albums. I auditioned Alisha, and never looked back. Alisha soon recorded பாரதம் followed by Daddy’s girl for me and was an automatic add in my recent album H1bees. She needs no further introduction in the DC metro area.

The Banner on the right Side, Bolloywood Dhamaka, a fantastic light music show is on cards by Kansas Raja and his Band. With other top musicians, two of my favorite vocalists will be on stage singing. Folks, if you are around the DC metro area please try to attend, the proceeds goes to a good cause. A fun filled musical evening is on cards. I am Looking forward for it