Team India is all set to meet its Arch rivals; Pakistan team will take this game as seriously as the Indian Team. Akthar has picked 37 wickets in past 7 games. He is a changed person -physically and mentally, he has developed stamina to keep on bowling for a long period of time. Get it clear - It is going to be serious cricket from Akthar and Co. Indian opening pair [though Think Tanks would shuffle and might get a joker in the deal] Sehwag and Gambheer have been struggling to get into tight batting form. For start of any serious, the opening stand is vital, they have to take on Akthar & co, and should prevent the dreaded Indian domino effect which we suffered in the hands of Shane Bond. Gangully factor, in about T-14 hrs we would know if he would play or carry drinks. Captaincy to 12th man, I remember vaguely of Venkat Ragavan who faced this crude change of fortunes.

Three blind mice Three blind mice…
Darrell Hair, Rudi Koertzen Match Referee: Ranjan Madhugalle (Sri Lanka).Rudi Koertzen (South Africa) is a good umpire. We can depend on him. But I am worried Darrel Hair and Steve Bucknor [thank god he is not standing for the first game] who are notorious for dubious decisions. Mr. Hair in past has had “super problems” in concentrating and judging decisions, but still finds his place. Ranjan the fine collector Madhugalle will be disappointed - Gangully is not leading, collection will be far less.

Weather conditions will play a major role; Indians have never won in Lahore, All the best India!

Dish Network is yet to announce its coverage,
- Updated:They just made the announcement - $150 for all the games.
Hey so what! Switch to web streaming. I hear it, but I would have to think twice before making a decision; apart from the content legality most websites have a crude refund policy. Buyers beware is kind of not accepted in America.

Dish Network, seemingly a worth less and disorganized TV, don’t seem to realize the potential here. Few years ago [1998-99], Cricket telecast were offered via Dish by a company called Kelly Broadcasting System. Cricket telecast was kind of organized. However after dish network took over cricket, the golden goose was chopped and stewed. It is not right for Dish Network to buy the copy rights and flush it down the drain or exploit its customer for a high price. World cup is round the corner, Direct TV will be getting it live here. So…is it time to switch from Dish?

You can't make up anything anymore. The world itself is a satire. All you're doing is recording it. - Art Buchwald.

Why did I quote this here?

If you need a break from your work stress just go and read this latest Blog! from Praveen, the funny guy from Chennai. :) Praveen's satire writings are witty and hilarious. It is about time for him to find the next generation “S.V.Sekars” and “Madhus” and feature his scripts as stage plays or TV Sitcoms. - jimbly suberb!

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