Greg Chappel has been walking around saying he is a person who cannot take anything mediocre or below par. Where did this so called Iron man vanish?,
R.P.Singh in particular kept banging the ball at some where around 10 or 11 yard marker – technically half pitch Frankly R.P Singh could have used his skill set to complete someone’s religious commitments [“நேர்திக்கடன்”] - Breaking 2000 coconuts in Ganesh Mandir. This guy does not seem to learn kept on bowling short balls and captain did not come near him to advice him or kick his butt. Zaheer on the other hand was almost close to R.P.Singh but some what better, he kept his coconut breaking count to 1000. When compared, Pathan bowled well however he seemed very slow why? And tried - Too much work load on him? The only bowler who did not try fancy stuff and kept his line and length was Gangully. Seeing this Kiran More dropped him from the one day squad right away.

I never saw Dravid mentoring his bowlers. They were let to go free on their own. Where is the coach? What does he do there sitting in front a Sony Vio lap top? Download mp3 songs from Coolgoose or prepare script for his next tussle with Gangully? Coach after all this bowling utsav has told “bowlers bowled well”, “the pitch did not help them”, halo! Bowling good length and line is nothing to do with the damn pitch condition, we call it basics. Going back to the first innings, I feel Dravid let them of the hook. From 38/6 how can he let the hooks loose? How can his team let someone like Shoib Akthar score 45? He had a wide gully and point for Akathar ? For what - Rest area for Kumble? Poor field changes like there was no midwicket - singles kept flowing freely.
What about these?
1. No Game plan to get Yunis Khan and Mohammad Yosuf, both have scored about 1500 runs against India.
2. Bowlers failed to bowl a tight line and length regardless of the damn pitch condition
3. poor field placement and changes
4. Never displayed any aggression
5. Missed chances.

It about time we get a bowling coach. I feel someone like Javagal Srinath would give better leads than Chappel. I am beginning to feel that Coach is riding his luck using Dravid’s capacity. I want BCCI to give free right of speech to Dravid and other players. We will then know the reality here.

India will have a target of around 550+, we do have a lineup that can bat till 9 [also till 9pm for next 2 days], in fact I was happy and comfortable to watch Afridi play fluent shots, and this means Pitch is slowly becoming a car park space, unless the curator has an on/off switch to change these conditions we could see more runs. But we could never know, bottom line it is a tough ask and we need to save the test. One thing, Dravid and Co please! Don’t go for a draw from the word go. And better get Gangully in the team for the one day. Frankly he played better than everyone in the first innings including the Lord. And Pathan , scoring runs is definitely a feather in his hat, no doubt however he needs to worry about the hat first.