Bad Taste

For last few months I have been reading in many Indian news sites about something that makes me really uncomfortable. This outsourcing issue is being made more political everyday; there are groups here who behave in a crude and cheap manner to show their displeasure. Fellow Indians back home are simply forced to face this rude behavior. The most affected in this are the call centers folks.

These ridiculous acts are done by people who really don’t know about the root of the out sourcing issue. Most these days do it for the sake of gaining popularity. Of late radio shock jocks and DJ from various stations have joined this list. They are calling call centers in India, talk to these centers using cheap vulgar languages with racial twinge, the agony is these calls go live on air. They make fun of Indians and finally call it a prank.
"It is an increasing trend," "It's not because we like it, or we want jobs to leave the U.S. The issue is that the demands on IT are growing, while the budgets continue to shrink. We really are asked to do more with less, and we just cannot fund it in the U.S."
Tsvi Gal, CIO at Time Warner Inc.'s Warner Music Group in New York.

Recently shock jock radio guys from Philly area had called a call center in India and used very dirty language insulting everyone around. These DJs request their listeners to call India everyday for 30 about Minutes and do the same. So that people back there get frustrated and starts screaming back. Our guys are now trained to handle insults, I don’t get this Instead I want Indian companies to set up office here and go after these public racial slanders in the name of prank.
Let me ask, why don’t these so called DJs and SJs call the John Welch’s of this country, do they have the guts to do the same to them instead. Bottom line here is, it is them who go for outsourcing to save money.
Outsourcing of jobs has become a sensitive issue, and President George W. Bush has largely avoided the subject in public appearances during the political campaign. Some of his economic advisers have said that exporting labor to low-cost countries will reduce business costs, boost companies' financial performance and thereby improve the U.S. economy.

India is not junk yard where people wander around looking for American outsourcing. We cannot or do not tolerate insults in any form. The Indian community here in the US and back home are well educated, sincere and clearly talented people who mind their business. Indians here have already raised this issue to FCC and these shock jocks were suspended for a day.

However the idea to call India and insult the poor call center employee is totally absurd and childish, I will now quote what every media here says often “IT IS NOT-AMERICAN” to behave in this fashion. Where did so called Value go here? I really don’t know. In fact even the elite TV anchors like Lou Dobbs who clearly ridicule India, don’t have guts to ask the CEOs here, including the CEOs of his own parent company.

Anything today in world is bound towards rapid globalization. It is a pity that people are not prepared to accept the fact, this decision to go to India for outsourcing was not taken by India or Indians. It was a decision made by many US companies and its CFO/CEOs with a clear nod from the US Government. If at all you want to show your displeasure on outsourcing, please scream or nose cry to your CEOs and CFOs.