Shun Nitpicks

Mata Amritanandamayi has pledged about $23 millions, which is much more than many European countries. Skeptics will come forward and ask questions from where she could get so much funds., simple answer “where there is will there is way” world is not dead yet. There are people who still contribute money.

Well known Tamil saying “siru thuLi” "peru veLam”

There are approximately 1,678,765 Indians in USA. Assuming 20% of them are skeptics or people who do not believe in any form spiritual Associations. The rest 80% is about 1,343,012, assume each contributes $10 per head [$10 is bare minimum hourly wage] , this itself now amounts to 13 million dollars, available right away from NRI in the USA. I think 23 million is very much possible, and it is possible only thru spiritual institutions.

Bottom line, the affected people need long term help, it does not really matter how and where it comes from, after all the funds are used for a very good cause. At this moment, we should shun nitpicks and look for methods to help the victims.

Ps: I noted something special in yesterdays date - 01/03/05