Movies I watched recently

Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi: Yet another Tamil Movie! It might have been interesting if the duration had been reduced to an hour and a half. However No, this movie nose dives at various places. The hero of this movie is Ravi , titled “Jayam” Ravi.

Someone must have told Ravi that acting means mere shouting in full throat and the elements like facial expression need not be used. Our hero simply shouts loud for every given emotion. The agony multiplies when praskash raj shows up. He talks quickly though it works in most movies, this movie it was mere comedy.

Nadiya , yes the same Nadiya who troubled teens during 80’s makes a come back [from London] as Ravi’s mother. She exits quickly as though her visa expired during the shoot. Vivek’s comedy was the only thing worth. Music by Srikanth Deva, No comments on the songs but the backgrounds music was mere sounds and effects. The sound engineer made sure he used all the 5.1 channels of DTS. The entire movie starts of similar to Rocky but becomes sentimental and ends as “Semakady”

Manmadan: I have become a great fan of Silambarasan. He has the talent. In fact, fantastic talent; Manmadan was kind of psycho subject, His acting was clean and powerful. The problem here once again was the script; it cannot be dragged for 3 hours. In spite of jothika, the script lost weight after the first half. However still I feel Silambarasan has the potential than other young heroes today. I wish he controls his passion for additional fittings like double earnings, bangles, bands etc. He just has to pick a good scripts and work with sane directors, I am sure he will be the next top star. I will keep watching out for his movies.

One thing I am seeing in all new movies, during olden day’s hero will meet the villain face to face.MGR/M.N.NAMBIYAR or SIVAJI/MNN or Rajini/Karate Mani or Kamal/Satyaraj . But in today's movies the combination is different,
It is mostly Vijay/Noika Ravi/Samsung Danush/Motorola, meaning, 50% of the dialogue are exchanged with villain via a cell phone. Why? Do they get more air time for free?

Yesterday DC was closed, weekend lots of snow and NFL plays off. :)
Have a good weekend,