Desi 25 cents – [Quarters]

Vikings upset win over Green bay, Cheese got melted in spite of chilly temperature. The media was busy churning stories on Randy Moss’s unceremonious exit during the last week game against the Red skins in DC. The issue was 2 seconds left on the clock; red skins were ready to score a short field goal to win the game. Randy did not stay to shed tears with his team for the loss; he just walked back to the locker room.

Though this is not the first time he does this, the well paid Television experts had good curry to cook for rest of the week. Everyone was talking about this and were giving esteemed opinions for the Vikings and Randy Moss. They gave lot of sympathy for the coach and team for his behavior.

Vikings won their first play off game over Green bay. Green Bay never know till now what hit them. The star quarter back threw nothing but interceptions at regular intervals. Something called “Defense” came into existence for Vikings.
However the Randy Moss show did not end; he celebrated the victory in a un-sportsmanship like manner. You may goggle to see what he did. This does invite trouble. People were showing in display cards telling randy to walk out quoting the Redskins incident. Pumped up Moss misbehaved; He will be punished by the Mr. Clean and Co a.k.a NFL. After the game when asked about it Moss clearly told he shall deal with it. He has also apologized.

However, in the Fox anchor team, Terry Bradshaw was first to take him down and was using hard words on Moss. He is known to be a Vikings hater from long time now. With such a Hate record he gets a well cooked curry to rock hence he was having a ball trashing and advising Moss, In my opinion the Pot was busy calling names on the kettle.

With all due respects to Mr. Bradshaw’s foot ball achievements, everyone knows quite well about HIS tantrums during the 1 hour TV show. Looks like he has forgotten the free flirting he often does with the weather girls forgetting the fact many kids watch NFL. Where did the so called decency go then? Was it gone to Iceland on a skiing vacation?

Moss did take a cheap shot at the fans agreed I dont want to defend him, but at the same time when it comes to behavior or decency on Air, Brad Shaw is also a mere walking ego. He needs to go the dentists and clean himself first then talk about others.