Couch Pumpkin Union - CPU.

During the weekend, the snow gods were very generous; we had about 8 inches of snow.
The entire community was out with their snow shovels and loud music from their car stereos, for the first time, I felt energized to clean our drive way. It took me about an hour to clear 20,000 tons of white powdery snow.

I had nothing to do during the weekend [I can blame the snow for this], I spent the whole weekend as a couch pumpkin watching “TV”. Watched “Rhythm”, Directed by Vasanth, a good movie with very nice screen play, acting and music. I also watched some ESPN shows. It was an eye opener, I realized I am not the only jobless guy around, there are plenty like me and bad part is they are being paid well and I am not. They were groups of experts grinding football 24x7. I thoroughly enjoyed all the shows.

On Sunday heart was broken, Steelers fans went into mourning, reason, Pittsburgh Steelers were beaten by the New England Patriots. Steeler’s rookie quarter back was contained well. After all 15/1 did not make any impact during the finals;

Tom Brady, the Washington Post says he is a very average quarter back, I say this, talent is one element, but everything in life is all about being at the right place at the right time. If these 3 elements come to together Success is guaranteed. Today Manning and Culpepper would be watching and wondering about this chemistry.

“The Bus” Jerome Bettis one among the top running backs in NFL, never made it to the super bowl; this might be his last season. His NFL ambitions might end similar to that of Chris Carter, without a super bowl ring. “Abundant Talent” accepted but “the right place and right time” went against him. Looking forward for Eagles vs. NE; I am slightly partial to the Eagles. However I don’t want to bet on either.

My website is back working, uploaded some of my last years composition. Other things will follow, after a long gap I completed my next single [in Tamil] written by Udhaya, [Vocals by Surendran] scheduled to be released soon.