There is no use talking about the so called extra sense [“puguthaRivu”] if you don’t posses the basic Arivu [common sense.] Tamil script and dialogue writers should be more responsible and should not use this Tsunami to establish their “humor” skill set.

There is yet to be a crude joke that uses 9/11 incident till date in the US, this shows the respect the media and art world has for those innocent victims on that dread full day.

Already, the Tsunami disaster is being used for crude jokes on TV. I was watching the Pongal Special program trailer on Sun TV. The significant contribution came from the stereotyped “Pati Madandram” show in front of so called educated people. The esteemed speaker thinking that to be humor was busy comparing the Tsunami with something and laughed out loud. How a sane person can use such a tragedy for humor? I also had been over hearing references in few TV Serials.

It is hard to take when we see writers use a great tragedy to expose their humor. They fail to remember that there are families who are still wiping their tears for their loss.

How can talk shows do such an immoral act in the name of humor/entertainment? and get away? I have great respect for Mr. Solomon Papayya, I hope when the full show is telecast he forces the talk personality to ZIP IT.